I made a 37 minute long tutorial on how to make 3 bass patches, including one really filthy and aggressive bass patch

0:00 - How I think about carriers X and Y as two “oscillators”

Bass patch 1 (basic “saw”):
2:15 - Setting up carrier X (operators A and C)
2:40 - Setting up carrier Y (operators B1 and B2)
4:20 - Mixing carriers X and Y together
5:12 - Adding overdrive & filtering the patch
6:23 - Fine tuning operator volume to find sweet spots

6:49 - Making drums to demo the patch
8:30 - Making a cheesy bassline
9:35 - Adding unison to make the sound bigger

Bass patch 2 (smooth & constant):
10:40 - Starting a new patch
12:18 - Using HP filter and bandpass filter to shape the sound
13:00 - Setting filter keytrack to make the bass more even across octaves
14:00 - Copy-pasting the previous bass pattern to demo the new patch

14:36 - demo and comparison between patch 1 and patch 2

Bass patch 3 (LOUD AND NASTY):
15:30 - Intro
16:30 - Setting up carrier X (operators A and C)
17:45 - Setting up carrier Y (operators B1 and B2)
21:20 - Mixing carrier X and Y and using an LFO to fade between them
23:41 - Adjusting B ratio for EXTRA SCREECH

24:16 - Making harder drums for the new bass patch
30:38 - Making an evil “happy birthday” bassline
33:26 - Locking 1 voice to the bass track + fine tuning


Final words:
34:28 - Comparing this patch to my “2077 BASS” patch
35:40 - A huge patch I made by accident while trying to recreate my “2077 BASS” patch for this tutorial

There is SO MUCH to talk about with the Digitone. In this tutorial I assume that you are familiar with the Digitone’s controls. That said, I try as much as possible to show clearly what parameters I’m tweaking, but sometimes I get ahead of myself. If you have any questions or tips, let me know! I answer pretty much all the comments I receive :).

I’d like to do more of these tutorials, and have thought about making one for leads and one for drums, and possible one for pads. I’m likely going to make them eventually, but if you are interested I could be encouraged to start working on them faster :smiley:

Anyways, I hope this tutorial is helpful. Thanks for watching!

Bandcamp: https://ivartryti.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ds912FxVqFT78HZulqErS


yes , keep them comming , i’d love me some digitone tuts !! :slight_smile: