I’m done with Elektron


Not dawless per se but you could turn your monitor off and write a track purely on the push 2


Cheers. Almost dawless dang it!


Haha well it’s a control surface for ableton so


Well, I stand corrected for starting this thread. By myself, no less.


You have created your very own Möbius strip.


Coincidentally I have considered picking up an AK again. Not something I need by any stretch, but I’m enjoying the OT enough to consider adding a synth to the mix for my “away from the computer” little set up.


I am happy with my setup- the Ableton Push2/Native Instruments S49 combo gives me tons of tools for studio work and Elektron for live is best of both worlds. If I were to buy a future expensive synth it would be something like a Solaris or Modal type Polysynth that offers both studio/live power but that is out of my budget right now. I just started working with Ableton Live 10 and love the new wave table features so no need to buy an expensive Access Virus or a Waldorf synth.


You had a good two and a half month run of being ‘done’. Hope it was refreshing and you’ve returned rejuvenated.

I’m still doing the deep cleanse since February. Feels better and better each day. Maybe I’ll jump back into the game someday with a SidStation?


But you’re keeping the sp-303, right? I’ve always loved your idea of using it as a porta.

There’s actually a pretty sweet story on how an Analog Keys ended up in my home. I didn’t plan for it, but you could say that this one had my name written on it. Since 2014.

”I’ve only been keeping it for you”, the guy said. ”It’s always been yours, all along.”


The OT is a midi powerhouse. Will happily send and receive midi. Check your settings.


agree I love jamming DAW free without a computer. It sparks imagination. After using my Push 2 with Ableton 10 however, I do wish that Elektron would add a wave table to the future OS update.


And THAT’s the plot for the novel you should write :happy:


It’s funny cause back in January I gave up my Push 2 for a DT cause I was gassing HARD. I loved how fast the DT was for beat creation. 30 mins in and I had a solid beat with a great groove and some life from trig conditions, etc. Then with the whole OB debacle I started to miss my much faster Live workflow. Traded my DT for a Push 2 again and now I’m FLYING. Between my Maschine MK3, Push 2, and Launchpad Pro I feel unlimited while working in Ableton and I finish whole tracks in that 30 minutes. Is it Overkill? Yes. Is it worth it? A million times yes lol. I do miss my DT occasionally but I’m looking forward to getting an OT in the future instead.


Well, first of all, you didn’t quote the person you responded to, so i didn’t see anything about no ‘old school’. There were about 450 posts you could have been responding to.

Secondly, old school is not something that’s very well defined.
I consider the music i made in the 90’s as old school, yet cv/gate by that time was already pretty dead and obscure. People were dumping old analogs all over the place. MIDI is almost 40 years old now. It is pretty darn old school. So are digital synths.
So in my book there is tons of ‘old school’ that has no cv/gate you need to fiddle around with.


Not a bad idea😊though I’m thinking I’m done with writing novels as well. Got my latest one wrapped up for a final sprint before it’s ready to go, but then I’m closing that door too😊


Really I am filled by this elektron digitakt.
i just started to understand the workflow of this drum machine with the function of retrig…Awsome!
Also the possibilities of the delay and its various options in the sub-menu:
The power (dynamic)of the line and the decrease in feedback.That works wonderfully on complex sequences.
I really hope that the updates will be promising :slight_smile:
Maybe add some polyphony
Microtiming updating: more intuitive,more possibilities
And scale mesure per track

For sure on I will turn to a portable battery


So nice to sit on a bench in the park and beat the shit out of your toy. Have gimotten strange views lately with my AR on a 4h train gig berlin-düsseldorf. These buttons make a sound :grin:


that’s what I see, break at work, in my car with an hour and a half to lose … but the opposite with the digitakt on battery


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