I just lost my set/project somehow?

I was just updating my sample collection on the memory card and then when I ejected and went to load the project it said ‘no set mounted!’

What’s happened? I can see that the project is on the card still in the folders when its plugged into my mac but why would it not be on the OT?


Have you tried ‘change set’?

managed to fix it now - just a glitch of some sort. Re plugged in via USB and seemed to work.


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uff da. Lucky you. I had a whole project disappear (minus some of the samples) when I had a computer freeze.

always make backups people xox

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Yeah for sure, I also have a project named “dummy” to load before any transfers, because my project that got nuked was open during the failed transfer. If dummy gets nuked? TOO BAD, DUMMY!