I found the (my) perfect VESA Stand for DT, DN and HEAT

Hello everyone,

would like to share with you my experience of using this VESA holder.
VSG 92001 Halterung für Touchscreens POS oder PC Monitore – Stabiler Display Ständer, Flexibel verstellbar, VESA, Metall, 10 bis 22 Zoll - Schwarz

I am completely convinced of it.
Price performance TOP, paid 20EUR
Easy assembly.
It takes up little space at the table.
A lot of adjustment options that hold bombproof.
The device does not have to be heavy, NO gas pressure spring installed.

Here are a few more photos


I use the exact same for my Waldorf Iridium, for that it needs some extra spaceing screws though.

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Looks nice! I might get one for my DT :slight_smile:

interesting, just ordered a 2nd for this purpose.
What is the screw length and what is the thickness of the washer?

Oh, wait…have to look that up.

Metall Distanzbolzen 20mm lang, mit 4 passenden Schrauben M4x10

Though, i am thinking about taking that stand off again, because the Iridium is quite heavy. I may end up with an IKEA BRÄDA again. But it´s good to know, that i can put it on the DT.

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Looks very similar to Wearson WS-03A Adjustable LCD Monitor Stand Folding Metal Monitor Desk Stand With VESA Hole 75x75 100x100mm - Wearson which I use for my heat. Really handy little stand.


today the second vesa holder came.
this is intended for the Waldorf Iridium with 5.7kg.
as @plusn already said, the back of the synth is not flat,
the recess measures approx. 11mm.
For now I have enclosed several washers as a spacer.
Even with this weight, the synth holds rock solid in all positions.


The only thing I dislike is the nonflat surface - would be nice if you could just mount it to the table and have have a flat surface to use for other stuff.


@GiantSuperCell After some time using this mount, how have you found it?

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I very often set the analogheat in different angles.
the waldorf stays in place and i can’t complain, i would recommend the stands at any time

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Awesome, thanks!