I cannot recreate sound I made on machinedrum


Yesterday I manipulated a kit in Machinedrum and came up with a sound that really holds my track together. The only problem is I forgot to save it somehow. I have the original kit but not the manipulated one (both mp3s attached). I’ve had MD just for a couple of days, so I cannot recreate it because of my inexperience. Could somebody help me with that?

https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/e/0/e0843ffa13b1bbea1f9e5a41e78cdb0c5e958be3.mp3 https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/c/f/cfa6790e2175b5ea8845ca4db27cec1ac405ca99.mp3

nobody can help you just by a audio file. you did not even told how you made it, did you used parameter lockings for “manipulating”, LFO’s, Effects Tracks or even everything simultaneously? do you already know, that Parameter lockings will be saved automatically within the patterns/steps and not within a Kit and that Patterns are linked to one or more specific Kit/Kits? so there’s still a chance that the Manipulated Pattern is still there but not linked to that named Kit. you should check this first.

I function tweaked everything and then accidentally pressed function+extended, so it switched to the original kit.

It could be anything but it sounds like you have some high pass filter with resonance and then this is going into the delay. Try lowering FLTW and raising FLTQ on page 2 and raising DEL on page 3. Good luck. May have to raise FLTF on page 2 also.

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i do not own a MD anymore, but so far i can remember, if you change the mode accidentally, this should be not a problem, so long you do not turn off the machine before saving the kit. otherwise it will be gone! get over it. try to re-create that stuff or make something else^^

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You definitely pitched everything down (the bass drum is tuned way too low in the 2nd example). And probably some FLTW reduction as @Veets mentioned.

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