I believe Overbridge is causing system freeze and crash

Macbook Pro
2.4Ghz i5
OSX: Yosemite

I’ve been experiencing computer freezes forcing me to hard reboot after closing up my DAW, Overbridge session and shutting down my AR. Not every time but enough that it’s an issue.

Just today I had Ableton Live open on a blank project, no Overbridge loaded, I switched on my Analog Rytm and Live instantly crashed.

How often do you do a clean install of OSX?

I found Yosemite rock solid for overbridge

Anytime I’ve ever had system issues is when I upgrade rather than wipe the boot drive and install from scratch

Bit of a pain in the ass but 90% percent of stuff I care about or use is on external or google drive

Well, not really an option for me at the moment. I think for the first few times I ran everything I had no issues. Now it crashes on a regular basis. Don’t know where to begin to figure out the issue.

*Edit: Most alarming thing is that when I power down the AR my computer freezes forcing a reboot. Why would merely shutting off the hardware cause a computer system freeze?

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling Overbridge on your mac?

Overbridge adds code to the OS X kernel, which is the main process that controls everything on your computer, so if it’s messed up, the whole system can crash. There is a program called console in your Applications/Utilities folder that shows system messages, If you look at the time of the crash, you may see something that can help track down the issue. Most of this will be very techy messages that I can not help you interperet, but you may see mention of another application or driver of some sorts at the time of the crash which could be interfering and not getting along with OB. Also on the left side of the console app, you will see user and system diagnostic reports, look at those for the time of the crash and again it will be way complex but you might see mention of an app or driver that could be interfering.
If you don’t find anything there, I would uninstall, reboot, and reinstall OB. If that doesn’t work I would do a clean os x install, even though it’s a major pain. If you do, I would start by just installing your DAW, audio interface driver, and OB, and see if that runs stable before installing more. If you still get the freeze I would wipe and reinstall os x one more time, but this time don’t install OB and wait for a later version to arrive…
A lot, I know, but probably worth it in the end…

Edit: First make sure your running latest firmware/OB version/Live version. Also, I don’t use live but it may have some kind of vst register which you could delete and have it make another one, maybe an experienced live user could chime in about that… Logic has one. And there’s always the live .plist file in ~/Library/Preferences which contains live’s preference settings. If you delete this file, live will create a new one next time you open it and all preferences will be default, this sometimes clears up issues, of course you will have to set your preferred preferences again… Ahh computers…

Through process of elimination I confirm it’s Overbridge causing the system freeze. Complete uninstall of Overbridge and reboot then I turn AR on, wait a minute then I turn off, no system freeze. Reinstalled Overbridge, reboot, then turned AR on then off and my computer freezes again. Note freeze happened without even initiating Overbridge via console or plugin.

Further investigation seems its a usb power issue causing kernel panics. My best guess.

just tried getting OB going with my MBP. el captian 10.11.6 i think. using OB 1.10.1 and os 1.23C on the A4.

no audio interface just using core audio and headphones. no hub either. just using A4 straight to usb port in mac.

was working fine for a while, then i installed my roland JU06 midi drivers and after that connecting the A4 in OB mode would instantly crash laptop and cause a restart. tried uninstalling both OB and roland drivers, but now even without the roland drivers installed and multiple uninstalls/reinstall of OB, conneting my A4 in OB mode immediately crashes and restarts the laptop… sadface.

anyone else find a fix for this? dont particularly want to reinstall the mac OS if i dont have to.

possibly could be not using a powered usb hub perhaps?

also note doesnt matter if ableton is open or not.

Edit… gonna answer my own question in case someone else runs into the issue. Running a4 through a powered usb hub seemed to fix the issue. Even with the roland drivers installed.

Has anyone had any luck with this? Just this week out of the blue, seemingly, after upgrading to 1.40 anytime I turn on my AK my laptop crashes, if I unplug my powered hub and power on the AK then plug in the powered hub the laptop crashes.

My Sub 37 and Digitone seem to turn on fine and not crash the laptop but AK does it every time. I will try closing out Overbridge and reinstalling tonight to see if it works but are there any other ideas or solutions people have found?