Hypnotic Techno sound design

Hi, everyone! I had Analog Four mk2 for about 2 years now and I’ve been struggling to get interesting hypnotic techno lead/bass sounds. I will post some examples of sounds I’m looking for.
It would be awesome If you could help me creating this sounds (not exact copies, but that type of sounds) not only using A4, but some approaches using any synth in general.


To me these are mostly short stab sounds. By using (ping pong) delay, reverb and some resonance you can make it more interesting. Sometimes the attack of the AMP envelope gets modulated. You can make it more interesting by using grids that don’t follow a 16/16 pattern. Use one pattern with 12/16 another one 5/16 and so on… Try to layer them to get some more variation.


I agree that sounds in the first and third examples are short stabs and most important here is unusual pattern lengths, nice idea! But what about sounds in second track, is there something to do with glide?

These are all short synth sounds with short decya and put through several effects and lots of modulation

you can do this with any semi modular synth

Wish I had modular synth, but at the moment I’ve got only A4 and some PC plugins. Why do you think semi modular is important in this keys?

If I would guess I would say this sound is made by a modulated filter sweep using a bandpass filter, again with a lot of resonance. That way only a part of the frequency spectrum gets highlighted.

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A4 has more modulation options than your usual semimodular


Definitely, but what destinations should I choose except filter frequency and F.Env depth? I found that modulating Fine Tune is good idea, but that’s all for now

I don’t think this is glide. you can do this easily with a modular synth but I’m sure there’s a way to do it in the A4 as well. Try frequency modulating one oscillator to the other but with a low frequency, like an LFO. You could also just use an LFO or a cycling envelope, I’m not familiar with the A4 architecture.
Like others have said as well, intertwined patterns of different lengths will help.

No exactly the same, but the idea is the same with the synth line here :


Damn nice kick! Is it all made with modular?

Yes, all modular. The kick was a SSF kick module.

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A4 can do FM stuff, i definitely should try it out.

Is dc11 your alias? Because that means I’ve got your tracks already added on Spotify, “Naka Coffee” is awesome)

Your instagram is also great too!

Give it a go, FM is super useful for these kind of sounds, bleepy stuff too. A sinewave in lfo speed modulating the frequency will get you in the ballpark, then you can further refine with modulation on the filter.

Yes dc11 is my alias :slight_smile:

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Here’s your answer


quick tip here with any of the elektron boxes is to keep the live record on and loop like a 1 bar pattern with different sound locked trigs and just record random knob movements of different parameters. This usually gives quite a lot to explore. Stuff that you wouldnt have thought of usually pops out.


stereo field usage, short decays, ring mod, use of silence and velocity dynamics, audio rate mod, rhythmic use of space and echo, additive and fm synthesis, snappy envelopes, atonality, polyrhythmic layers… (some things I noticed :man_shrugging:)

I’m really loving the aesthetic of the techno in this thread. Following Cosmic Wave Records on Bandcamp now :+1:t2:


Sounds exciting, never tried this still! Nice thread

Modulate with midi cc, if you’re working with daw.

Just explore using trig locks and changing parameters on steps that don’t trigger a sound, i.e. func plus step. I do this a lot with filter, delay/reverb, and env parameters. Get some really interesting results. Also, go ham with the lfo, and using it with locks as well. I have modular and A4, and I personally get really crazy and uniquely usable stuff faster with an A4. As already said, short stabs with fx is what your hearing above. Modulated the filter will also yield similar results.


Thanks for posting this. Somehow I’ve not seen any of this persons videos! Strange how youtube sometimes seems to hide what seem to be very popular channels from ones suggestions.