Hydrasynth from ASM (Ashun Sound Machines)

I had done a web-search almost exactly a week ago thinking well there must be something to announce soon, but couldn’t find a thing.

BTW: the DEMOS down a ways on this page are definitely worth a listen.


I’m amazed at the depth of the oscillator section alone. This looks to be a really impressive instrument. The price seems really reasonable as well.

I wonder if this is the synth that will finally make me decide that I don’t need to buy a Prophet 12…


It’s Medeli, not Arturia




Official brand though looks to be ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) - reportedly “backed by Medeli”

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Yeah he hasn’t work for Arturia for a while.

Darcey himself said on Feb 1 of this year:
I am starting a new brand with Medeli and we will probably launch our first products in May.

(Welcome to Elektronauts SCD.)

ADDED: Thanks GovernorSilver for these details on the origins of the Hydrasynth.


Nice catch - forgot he was here!

Welcome SCD!

He’s here right now, he liked my AHA post above.

Remind me, why analog synths are popular today, exactly?¨!


Please no thank you

Weird. On the paper, it seems über powerful… But I just don’t feel the filters or the distorsion, really.

Definitely keeping my Peak !


Hail Hydra!

Srsly though this sounds right up my alley, and the price point is really sweet. Wish they had refined the aesthetics a bit more, but eh what can you do.

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Pads on module version have Polyphonic aftertouch also - that is a great price for a module with so many features.

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Nice! I don’t blame him for lurking - must be hard to see some remarks your baby gets. OTOH, perhaps other remarks were gratifying.

FWIW, I like what I’m seeing and hearing far, and I don’t think it has much in common w/ Novation or other manufacturers’ synths.

I’m taking a close look at the desktop module because I just can’t sacrifice the space. I wonder if I’d feel like I’m missing out on something if I only used external keyboards.



“Shut up and take my money”

Is what I would say if I had money.

Oh well, hopefully this will still be around when I hit the mother load.

You all have fun, though! Think of me when it move into the second hand market :wink:


My blofeld just whinced…

This looks excellent!!! And sounds like it will sit in its own little pocket in a mix, not too digital nasty and not overwhelming…loads of potential…

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The sounds samples on the manufacturer’s website sound pretty good. I dig the design of the desktop unit.

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Anyone know where to buy hydra in EU?

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