Hydrasynth from ASM (Ashun Sound Machines)

A couple more Hydrasynth sound videos.

First Stimming comes back to just have fun with the sound:

And then Polypumpkins doing a more ambient/atmospheric thing that is called Hibernating Hydra in Ocean. I really like this one.


KMR in london has a launch in 12th. Will try to get over.

Its seems really interesting, I like the sound and all the options I just wish it was 4 way or more multi timbral.

I’m torn apart between ASM Hydrasynth & Minilogue XD atm (both rack format).
If you had to pick only one (digital/wavetable style), which one?
Hydrasynth looks interesting for experimental sound design, but Minilogue offer the possiblity to use custom plugins for engine.
Please help :slight_smile:

Looks great. I really wish it was 4 way or more multi timbral.

I wonder if they intend to do a drum machine at some point?

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At the Moment I would decide Hydrasynth. I have had time with a minilogue XD and was totally underwhelmed. Sound wise…
I think the Hydrasynth is pretty capable. Will have to see how it is hands on though. The UI seems really good. If the sound holds up, then I would totally see this way ahead of the Korg.

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The look on his face right at the end, when he’s playing the lovely dark keys patch and says “you have to love it, right?” is almost enough to get my reaching for my credit card. Yikes! Must watch no more of these videos.

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That patch he plays at the end is really the only one I’ve heard that makes me want one. It is a beauty but the rest I’ve heard leave me a bit cold. Hopefully I’ll get to try one in person sometime. I love the UI but it has to sound right too.

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I just watched the Argon8 demo. I know it’s significantly behind the hydra feature-wise, but to me at least, it sounds a good deal better. Was really pleasantly surprised. Unexpected want.


The Argon8 I would definitely use in a musical context. But the Hydrasynth I’d probably just sit and programme soundscapes for hours.


Yeah that was a pretty solid demo.

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Sweetwater mentioned they expect it until January :frowning_face:

The Minilogue looks interesting but also underpowered when it comes to modulation capabilities. The super flexible custom oscillators are hard to put in good use with only one LFO and no additional envelope (you must use filter or amp envelope). I had the big prologue 16 for two weeks but then I was alomst happy that the power supply broke and I could return it to the shop.

Hydra on the other hand is a modulation monster! I had no chance to try it but if I had to pick one today I´d wait until Hydra comes available again.


Prob KMR doing demos for pre order.

So much for “shipping nov”…huh.

Most places say Jan now, they are a new company and this is their first product. You gotta expect not everything will go according to plan with production. I bet there have been an unexpected number of preorders as well so have to ramp up production which takes time. Fingers crossed it’s not too long, music matter UK still says 16 Dec. Can’t wait!

Extra modulation sources are available from the CV ins and the modulation sequencer. Agree the xd ain’t perfect but, despite the bugs (and Korg’s twattish attitude towards fixing them), I still like mine.

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Double Damn…

Blofeld beware…

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