HW DEALS : Hardware on Sale [no private listings]

That would be me, again.

First time the dude I talked said something about “the wrong synth” when he canceled the order but didn’t really know the situation. I’m not hopeful, but the potential of a sweet, sweet deal… and the bragging rights. Too lucrative to pass up.


you bet your sweet ass they did.

let’s frame these posts with a picture of you holding your new “monologue” grinning ear to ear.

you’re welcome.


I was gonna hop on this but I figured it would be bad form if you wanted to make another go at it. Good luck and I hope it finds you!

I think we’re all looking forward to seeing you post this guy in the Your Setups thread.

Don’t get me wrong though, but if a volca turns up I’m gonna piss myself.


If you never thought you needed an a4 mk2, well for $900 or best offer, you just might reconsider. It mentions a scuff on the screen as the detractor but as an added incentive comes with rack mount kit.

I still have other less meritorious purchases in mind but I’m sticking to my guns so I bequeath unto you this fine priced piece of gear that does not belong to me.


Amazon and Sweetwater both are offering the Casio CT-S1000V for $399, down from the launch price of $469.

I’m a little curious how a well Roland SH-4d and Casio CT-S1000V would work for a retro vocal house/techno setup.


you know that guy with the keyring that has more keys than locks…

I’m starting to feel like that guy.

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That’s swell of you, KingDuppy, but the game is over. Tragedy struck today.

“Hello, that is the wrong photo for the korg monologue and here is the correct one.”

And yes, in fact it was just a monologue. I feel this was a loss for the entire elektronauts.com community and I sincerely apologize for my shortcomings.


my condolences on your loss. did they at least let you cancel?

Would have felt like fate at that point, cut my losses and move on with a three hundred dollar blippy blippy

Yes. I got the closure I so badly needed.

The ride was wild though, I wouldn’t give up that high for anything. Thanks for the fun.

The deal deal deal deal de


it’s romance for gearheads


for anyone in Norcal with a DX7 this is unironically a pretty cool find:


System 8 for a solid price, modded without that terrible Aira neon green.


Never realized the System 8 sound engine was so well suited to plucks.


I was just looking for a cheap midi controller, and was looking at the Key lab, but casio makes a couple really cheap 61 key little synths… one is red with a handle for $140 or so!

I wouldn’t have known about it unless you posted this! Thank you!

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Shit, downsized to 4 note polyphony. No thanks!

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Dude, what is going on at guitar center lol.

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my midi controller for quite a while prior to keystep pro was a rebranded 61 key made by casio. it’s janky in it’s own ways but the keys are huge and feel really great.

now that order of operations makes more sense!

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I have a KSP and Beatstep, and the 37.

But I’ve recently been taking piano lessons, and I feel like the mini Keys are too small and might compromise my learning since playing piano relies on muscle memory so much.

I might get the vocal synth since it seems to be the most robust.