Hungry Robot Modular


So yeah, spotted this…


I just got an email from perfect circuit and these were a featured product. I rather like this idea.


Yeah they look fun, just hope they intend to release more modules, could be handy, modular in your pocket!


What I like think is great about these is that can easily be used with semi modular stuff. With these If I want some extra lfo for a semi modular I don’t need to invest in a rack/case just to consider the idea.


Damn. Do not introduce me to stuff lile that :hugs:
I resisted modular aproaches by now.

Your setups

Exactly - these would be GREAT with semi modular synths!


Was recently reminded these things exist. They interest me more than the new TE modulars

The FX pedals also look interesting.


Yeah these are definitely more interesting than the TE offering and look built to last as well.


These are exactly what I thought TE should do!
Great find @rotallytuined!
Sorry I’m late!!!


Gonna be a whooooole lot of wall warts flying about with those around. :sweat_smile:


Couldn’t they be daisy chained, like with ‘real’ pedals?
Genuine question, as I was considering these a while back, and would rather not have the power packs and cables cluttering things up!


I remember when this video came out…I was saving toward something else, so put it out of my mind


According to this, yeah:

Since they take 9V power, a One Spot or something like that should be enough to power all of them. No need to buy one wall wart per unit.


$75-$150 ea.
9v Center neg PSUs run about $12, and you could use daisy chain cables for modulation only modules to keep noise down (or invest in a multi out PSU if you want to go crazy)

This is very cool!
I hope more makers take on this format. Already a few odd pedals out there that fit on.