Huge Digitone Lag Update Request

I’m absolutely floored by the sound possibilities I can create with the Digitone, however I’m experiencing massive lag when I begin to record parameters and automations from a separate midi host controlling CC’s of Digitone during performance… which is essential to the way I play… to the point where the synth becomes nearly unusable while receiving MIDI command changes, commonly causing the entire interface to freeze, thus shutting down my instance of live 11. Ive tried this on Live 10 as well, and with midi messages being sent by both Ableton and my TR-8S. I’m running an M1 MacBook Pro, with midi being processed through an ERM Multi-clock. This issue gets worse if trying to communicate with Digitone over USB & with overbridge (understandable as Overbridge on M1 is relatively new)

Is anybody else running into these issues?

These sounds are begging to be sculpted, and recorded. this synth really outta be a future classic! It is just very frustrating to have systems be very inconsistent/crash after you start adding only 1+ parameter record.

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