How would you guys use a lav mic for recording a video?


So I want to record a sort of guitar instructional video, but all my microphones are the big, bulky, visible ones. I was wondering if any of you guys here have experience with lavs?

What should I buy? How should I record it? I’d be doing this in my room right next to my interface, so if possible, I’d like to go directly from the lav into my interface…I don’t need a wireless unit or anything like that.

I’m kinda lost.

Thanks dudes.


I use a Boya M1 when I include voice in my videos. It comes with a very long cable and is battery powered, so can be used with any interface. I use mine with a Zoom R16 and it works fine.


Neat thanks–and super cheap. I’ll have to look into the sound. Can I plug it directly into my phone if I wanted?

This video answered all my questions…Well alright. 20 bucks and with amazon prime I can get it Wednesday. I think that solves that lol. Thanks man.


Just be mindful that lavalier mics are directional AF. If you move your head too much you’ll get a weird phasy sound.


apart from the Omnidirectional ones - like most of pro-broadcast ones - which is exactly why you don’t get a weird phasy sound when they move their heads around on tv :slight_smile:

I use a Sony ECM-77B


ah, there are omni lavaliers? Sweet! I wish everyone on TV would use those :nyan:


they do, to my knowledge. Stuff like the Sony ones I have & the Shure ones, plus DPA etc. are all omni for this exact reason.
Cardioid lavs are only for live event use really, to get more gain-before-feedback when there’s a PA system.
Even then often we use omnis because it gets past the whole problem of people turning their head…you just have to EQ properly to avoid feedback through the sound system.