How to Work in 1/3 beat and polyrytms

If I could have Model Cycles play in 100bpm and Model Cycles in133bpm they would relate to each other as Standard 4/4 and 1/3 beat.
Is this possible?

I think your example would gradually go out of sync. You’d need finer tempo control to make sure the 1/3 part played at 133.33333…


Can you set scale per page on model cycles? Set one to 3/4

Hello Craig,thanks for helping!
I can think of two ways to work in 1/3 beat:
Track out from daw(but than you have no steps to assign knobs to)
Nudge all the steps in to 1/3 beat patterns and save it as a template…
Do model cycles have scale or page option?
I’m new to hardware and I would like have a device/setup that can stretch loops and do different bpm’s simultaneously…any advice?

No worries. There are scale options per track. They’re detailed in the manual as to exactly what you can do. You could also limit a track to certain amount of steps if that helps.

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You definitely should be looking at what can be done with the scale options. Hold FUNC, hit PAGE and you get the scale options. Set Mod to TRK (it defaults to PTN) and then you can scale each track separately. As @craig says, the manual will tell you about that in much more detail than we could.

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