How to use Parts/Arranger effectively with Octatrack?


Greetings Elektronauts. I’ve only had the Octatrack for roughly 5 months and have only been skimming the manual for small things. So I apologize in advance if this is easily obtainable in the manual. I’ve been using the Parts/Arranger options for B/C sections, but every time I add/remove triggers in separate Parts/Arranger slots, it disrupts the previous patterns and triggers. How can I create new sections of songs with new samples/triggers in the same project? Thank you!


What do you mean by parts, b/c sections, slots?

Parts may be confusing, slots too.
In Arranger, lines are Rows.


Sorry for the confusion. When I say B/C sections, I mean the next loops/arrangements within the project. I basically want to make use of Parts 2,3,4 or Pattern 1-16 “slots”, to store different loops (or b/c/d sections of a song) to the 1-16 buttons with different samples/parameters in each individual (1-16) pattern slots. Thank you!


Please use the right terms from the manual. :wink:
Slots are for Static / Flex samples.

You can’t select Parts with Arranger so you have to select Parts (with your sample assignments) for each pattern.
Select your patterns in Arranger with new rows (FN+Arrow down).

Personally I prefer sample locks : place a trig, hold it and turn Level knob to assign a different sample. That way you can have patterns with different samples but same parameter settings.
(without the need to copy parts)


As @sezare56 says, parts are with patterns. So you need to save the part within a pattern before any changes you do. If not, the new pattern thinks he is in part 1 so if you change something, it will change in other patterns with part 1… if it helps…