How to transition into big drop

Hi all,

I’m looking for ways to implement a drop with octatrack. Meaning I have a break in my techno track, I rise up the filters of ext. synths, increase delay noise, etc, and then I want to release all and bring in kick.
Obviously these are quite a lot of actions. How do people here approach this on an octatrack? Use the arranger? Or something else…?

Cross fader scenes.


Multiple crossfader scenes.

A (scene 1) ->B (scene 2) ->A (scene 3) ->B (scene 4) ->A (scene 1)

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Also arranger to unmute Tracks one by one until everything is builidng up .

Pattern change and crossfader tricks, it’s just practice

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A very common organization is to have your A scenes on the left on the B scenes on the right:

Scene 1 (A) -> scene 9 (B) -> scene 2 (A) -> scene 10 (B)…

I just use a MIDI Controller for that. really opens up the possibilities for The OT.
And reload Part of course

Yeah, I find it works better for me in order of appearance from left to right. Separating A and B scenes is not the best method for me.


The EZBOT (@mpiecora, thank you!) videos were a big help to me in figuring out how I wanted to set this stuff up. This one especially:

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