How to toggle long samples on the OT?

hi there!

i want to toggle long samples from the trigger page, but even with the triggermode “one2” it always retriggers the sample instead of stopping it!

wanted to use the OT like an ableton slot mode and simply be able to start/stop samples with the triggerbuttons 9-16…

seems not to be possible…
any help is very much appreciated, 2 weeks prior to my live sets :slight_smile:


a couple of things to explore, set the Track to Plays free, set the trigger mode there and set the release in the Amp section low so the sample doesn’t play out, not entirely sure if that’ll help

thanks for this, but i want to achieve that without using triggers in the sequenzer at all!
the manual promises to do that, but i must be too confused to get it done…

i didn’t say anything about using trigs !

jackmate, the simplest way to stop a sample playing on a specific track x is by pressing one of the Track buttons next to the display + Stop:
[Tx + STOP]

EDIT- see this thread: Plays Free mode loops don't stop immediately in ONE2 mode?

GREAT! that was the hint i was asking for!!

Thanks Michalho!