How to tell how much of your 1GB you’ve used

So you can see how much space you have free per project, but I can find no way to find out how much of the 1GB of storage is used. The manual doesn’t seem to say.

I’ve put a load of samples on mine and would really like to know how much space I have left.

Since it’s gotten no reply so far I’m going to guess there isn’t a way to check which seems like a spectacular oversight.

I have been wondering the same thing.

All you can do is use Transfer to download all your samples to a folder on your computer, and see how much space they take up there. Then subtract from a gigabyte to tell you how much space you have left. Not ideal.

It’s what I do.

Not ideal but a good practice to backup your samples this way, anyway.

Now what I would really like to know is how much of my 64MB RAM I have used, as my folders always say “100% FREE” when that is certainly not the case.


The fact there is no option for this seems strange tbh.