How to see where my trigs are when i recorded parameter movement

My problem is when i play a live set and punch in some trigs with a hihat for example and then record some parameter movement with the decay or something. Now all the steps light up during playback and i can’t see where i placed my hihat trigs anymore. I wish Elektron would change this behaviour but i think they won’t. In the studio it’s not a big deal but live it’s a problem for me.

I know this topic has been mentioned here but i want to hear some tips or workarounds regarding this “issue”. Thanks in advance!

Trigs are red steps, parameters locks without trigs are yellow steps, no?

Oh snap! I meant to post this in the Model-Samples section. Thanks anyways!

They flash when in grid record mode.

Yes, and it’s hard to say which ones are flashing and which ones are not. Everything’s just red.