How to Save Pattern to Computer


New user here and loving the Model:Samples, my first Elektron product.
I have created a pattern that I really like, saved to the unit and want to transfer it to my iMac for safe keeping. Having installed the Transfer software, I can connect and see the / root folder, but no way to navigate or find where the patterns are saved too. Any ideas would be welcome.


i don’t have one…but can you SYSEX dump from the M:S

[checking manual]


manuals are good.


Thanks for the tips. I had already tried this, but spent an hour with both the Transfer and C6 software to no avail. I can get nothing to transfer.


welcome to the world of Elektron! :slight_smile:

SysEx dump with C6 is the way to go as @phaelam mentioned. What have you tried so far and how far did you get / where did you end up when you say “to no avail”?


I launch C6, connect the Model:samples, it shows in the config menu in the C6 software, so definitely recognises it’s connected.
Then I hit receive in the C6 software and start a backup/send of the pattern and nothing is received at the computer end. The Model:samples says backup complete after about ten seconds.


forgive me if that comes across as a stupid question, but have you saved the pattern/project on the Model:Samples prior to attempting the transfer?


You need to config C6
Select in out M:S
Turn off turbo
Turn of sds handshake
Click recieve on C6 (itll wait)
Hit send in M:S


…or u just record it…


Yep, I will just record it until I find a better solution.


doesnt seem to work yet…

it does send (take care MidiOut/Thru is configured as OUT and probably not inverted) SYSex to C6. once the data comes back it says it received pattern A01… - SETTINGS but they are not active.

for me its really annoying as the function button flew off and I have a new rented machine here which I need in 5 days on stage. but I cant get my patterns in there. looks like I have to reprogram them.

oh and I tried USB, different computers, all C6 options on off, MIDI interface, etc etc. what I havent tried is sending the sysex from one machine directly to the other. if thats not working the whole process is not working at all. welcome to the world of elektron (where they usually fix stuff like that after some time). but until now it cost me 3h already.


C6 project/pattern backup seems to be working fine for me on Mac OS X (El Capitan) over USB.

Here’s the steps I took:

  • Connected M:S to laptop via USB
  • Selected midi ports in C6 Config screen
  • Hit Receive in C6
  • Hit Config Menu/Backup/Project on the M:S
  • C6 indicated the file was being received
  • M:S indicated the file send was complete
  • Hit Stop in C6 (this step is important and isn’t intuitive - @stimming, did you do this? because if not, it looks like the transfer didn’t happen)
  • .syx file appeared in the file window in C6
  • Hit Save in C6
  • Saved .syx file appeared in saved location

I opened the file in a text editor. Sure enough, I saw the names of my patterns.


does this method save your patterns and samples or just your patterns… how do you do a complete back up?


This is just for saving Projects/Patterns.

You can use the Transfer app to move Samples back and forth from the device.


thank you


just a confirmation, is it also possible to back up sysex with the transfer app?


No, all the Transfer app can do is move samples to and from the M:S, and update the firmware. It doesn’t deal with Sysex at all.


everyone thanks for your help, just one more annoying question about this , is it correct that the C6 app only allows you to back up one project at a time, or is there a way to back up the whole machine at once because I don’t see that choice on my MD, all I see is send active project or active pattern???