How to Record a Sequence on Digitakt

Hey everyone.

So I know that I can live record a sequence on the Digitakt using the Digitakt’s keyboard (Func + TRK). But I’m a little annoyed that I can only get 4 voices out of my Prophet REV2 at once. So I was wondering, is there a way that I could play the chords and/or notes on the Prophet, while live recording mode is on, on the Digitakt so that the chords and notes play right into the sequencer?

Please let me know if there is anything I need to turn on/off in the settings of either machine. Thanks!!


You’ll only get 4 notes per MIDI track regardless of how you record the notes. You can record your 4 notes into the DT and continue to play live on the Rev2 of course, with the remaining voices available, and you can also use another MIDI track for 4 additional notes of course as well.

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But I find that when I do that, the notes cut each other off. Or does that have to do with trig length?

Yeah you’ll get note stealing happening for sure when all voices are in use and there are overlapping notes. Just something to be aware of but you will learn how to program with the limitation and you can actually even use it to your advantage. You can always use the single cycle waveforms in the DT to make very nice single-voice pads, basses, etc and program those in the DT itself to free up some of what the Rev2 might be doing, or use another monosynth.

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Awesome. Thanks for you help!!!

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I decided to control the MS via midi from Digitakt
I note ,that the recording on the Digitakt sequencer ,does not allow a pattern ,using several cuts, from a single sample ('from M: S).
It is possible to distribute parts of samples,
only on the M: S sequencer-
DTcan plays MS sample but not in deep as a ELEKTRON SEQUENCER
I would like to know because i didn’t found on manual

Did I forget a combination?

Can you be a little more clear? I’m not sure what you mean.

great merci

Midi in > M:S
Midi out >DT

Channl 4:5:6 From Model/Sample
…to Digitakt 'A:B:C (or 9 :10 :11)

I don’t understand because DIGITAKT doesn’t do that.
?? Is it possible ?? Je

Are you saying you just want to p-lock the start and end point of the sample per step? There’s nothing to it, just hold the trig and adjust the parameter while in step mode.

I throw a trig on the DT seq
Then a second one … (play!)
The sound of the first is canceled and the second is the first becomes the same

has anyone tried midigame in Digitakt, with the last update?

Can you elaborate more precisely what you are trying to do?

The digitakt has no trouble plocking start and end point on the audio tracks and no issues plocking things on midi tracks. So likely you are making a misstep somewhere. Need a better explanation to try to help.

good evening amigo,
The DT is the main midi sequencer so
with a sample of the M: S …
assign several starting points ,on the DT seq.

Je lance un trig sur le DT seq
Puis un second… (jouer!)
Le son du premier est annulé et le second est le premier devient le même

I can sequence it: apply micro timing to it, filter it directly via cc
it is only the setting with the locks or parameter locks
Does someone have both ?