How to quantize-stop/mute a Thru machine while keeping sequencer running?


Sorry for all the questions over the previous couple of days, I genuinely am trying to get better at this with the view to take it to a live scenario.

Is there any way the Octatrack can stop/mute a Thru machine in a quantized fashion (as per Trig modes, QREC ONE2 modes, etc.)?

I’m aware that [TRACK] + [STOP] can immediately stop an individual running track, but that stop is not quantized and requires perfect timing.

Even though I have my Thru machines on Plays Free tracks, ending the track sequence still allows the sound from external gear to pass through on those tracks.

The only option as I currently see it, is to add a one-shot trig at the last step and set to 0 volume. Yes this kills the sound in a quantized fashion, but requires the extra step of arming the one-shot trig for it to take effect – which actually as I’m writing does not seem too bad.

Before I accept that as the case, is there a better way (a quantized mute/unmute track would have been useful!)

(EDIT: this doesn’t really work because of the initial trig on the Thru machine to pass the original audio through, so there would be yet an additional step of removing this initial trig)

Thank you

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Look closer to the Arranger and its possibilities (eg. mutes per row). Maybe you will find it usefull.


You can use AMP HOLD to set Thru duration. Values are in steps.

Ex : You can set all trigs with HOLD = 1 step so that it stops directly with a Play Free.


Genius! thank you.

There was one additional setting to make it work this way, and that was to set Release to 0.

Now Plays Free controls Thru sound!!

Very happy, thanks:)

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Release to taste, low values obviously. :wink:

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Of course, like salt and pepper. But for my case, 0 means it stops in an aligned fashion with the sequencer pattern ending, which is what I wanted.

Yes but with 0 it can be clicky…values between 1-5 can help in that case.

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Got it, good tip