How to programs fills?

So the manual talks about triggering a fill by holding down the scale button but no where can I find how to program the notes for the fill. Can someone help me out?

Hold down the steps/trigs that you want to be part of the fill, and on the TRIG page, parameter lock the step (still holding it down) to FILL, and then release.

Great thanks, makes sense now :slight_smile:

does this mean you can only “add” trigs for a fill? ie, I can’t enter a whole new bunch of trigs to make a custom fill, just have some trigs that only happen when Fill is activated? Very limiting if this is the case

One hack that you can do is to place a trig after the trig where you want it activated and then nudge it as far as possible to towards the first trig. It won’t play exactly at the first trig, but I challenge anyone to hear the difference.

You can then set the first trig to trigger when fill isn’t activated and the second trig to trigger when fill is activated. In this way, given that you always leave an empty trig after all your original trigs, you can have two completely different patterns for the non-fill and fill condition.

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You can also make trigs so they don’t activate when the fill button is pressed.