How to play one pad at a time in song mode

I have pretty long loops (samples) on pads and i only want to play one (pad) at a time, then switching to the next one after the loop finishes in song mode. So lets say i want to play pad 7, 8, then 9 in that order, one at a time. how would i program this in song mode? ive read the manual and watched videos but they dont explain this well.

also if my sample is longer than 64 steps (which it is), how can i set up the x times amount in song mode to extend beyond 64 steps?


I don´t own a Rytm, but it should work with trig conditions.
Use 1st trig condition if you want to trigger a sample just once in a pattern, if you want to extend the 64 steps boundary, you can also use one of the X:X trig conditions. For example 1:2 means the sample would trig once in 2 pattern cycles thus it basically gives you 128 steps before it triggers again.
1:3 is once in three cycles (192 steps), 1:4 is once in 4 pattern cycles (256 steps) etc.

Dunno if Rytm has one shot trigs or you can set sample playback to one shot something like that, but 1st trig condition should work. :slight_smile:

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@Schnork thank you so much.
can you give me some instruction on how to do this? im looking in the manual but cant find the order of operations/buttons to do this

It‘s in the trig menu, next to note, vel, len -> trc.
Hold a trig and turn the encoder until you see „1st“. Now this trig will only play once.
It‘s explained in detail in the Rytm mk1 pdf manual page 44.


Here‘s a list of the trig conditions and what they mean: