How to make some sounds from sophie - get higher

so, i’ve been wondering how you would make something like the “squeaky” sound starting at 0:00 in get higher and the saw chords starting at 0:12 of get higher. if anyone could help me figure out what patches to use and how to make the sound i’d be very greatful. thanks! :grinning:

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I know it’s not much help, but you’ll get the gist. I’m playing around with tracks trigging other tracks right now and I’ve got some pretty raw shit going. I’ve got an FM, a digipro and a noise track all from the same trig.

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I guess I’ll actually try and answer your question OP, so you’re not left frustrated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d take an FM machine or a Dpro machine and get a very high pitched sound that’s close to what you hear in the beginning of that track. With this sound, I don’t think the actual timbre matters as much as the idea of getting an ear-piercingly high-pitched tone. Give it a decent decay to get from beat to beat, and send a saw LFO to the pitch at your discretion. It’s gotta be pretty fast, and a depth of (from what I can tell) the equivalent of a tone? I read somewhere that each semitone is a depth of 5…So I would guess a depth of 10 would do you.

The chords, if you want to keep the MnM in mono mode, have to be Wave Ensemble or D Ensemble. This way you can create pitches above the bass note and not sacrifice five extra tracks. The sound itself is nothing crazy–though the sequence is frenetic. Sounds to me like a saw wave with a very closed envelope, maybe a BIT of attack and decay, with sustain and release all the way down. Sounds like this saw wave has some chorus on it, too. It’s got that Roland-like quality to it. The chords are I-IV-IV-V in the key of C as far as I can tell. What makes it “Sophie” is the changing to the next chord the 16th note before the downbeat and the insane fills. It’s gotta be a sequence.


It almost just sounds like a very high saw or square wave with some Lfo on the pitch, some res to bring out the high ends, and some (a lot) of unison! Maybe try flanger and some other effects aswell, maybe even some short metallic reverb (which reverb2 can do if your on Mac)