How to make longer automation through out patterns?


Can’t figure this one out:

I’m trying to build a track solely on Rytm mkII using song mode.

I want the intro of the track have hi hats and sampled pad rise in volume from 0 volume to max and then stay at that max volume.

Here is my way of thinking:

If I have two patterns(64 length 128 in total). I want hi hat volume to increase through two patterns, one length isn’t enough. Then to stay on third pattern to stay the same volume.

I copy pattern 1 into pattern two and save each as kit1 and kit2.
If i chain two patterns and try to automate this by hand when second pattern gets turned on the value jumps. It means it isn’t designed for this. So the only way i find is to manually program each trig and it feels like I’m doing work around.
Ofcourse I can map some pads and do it by hand, but I want to press play and have full track played from start to beginning.

Am I thinking correct or there is any other way to work around this? Or any other way I could try out?

I imagine you could do this with one kit, rather than two. Have the default levels set to whatever you want “max” to be, for the sounds you want. I also imagine a combination of p-locks, slides and maybe trigless-trigs could achieve what you want. Probably best to automate the VOL parameter on the AMP page. I confess I haven’t practiced enough with slides to feel confident with my suggestion.

Yes, slides are the way to go.

And only use one kit, otherwise it loads different values on kit change.

In first pattern on first trig set vol to 0 and on last trig of this patterm to 63. Then in second pattern first trig 63 and last trig 128 or similar. Likely will only work with one long trig with the slides, as it gets reset by new trigs.

Or p lock per hand or in live rec mode should work with one kit also.

Also have a look at track resolutions, 1/4 of the speed of the hh track could also solve your issue… without different patterns just for this

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I tried, but not sure how to set up slide? If i mark first trig 0 last 63 and then with slide(blue color) trig1 and last trig nothing happens. Would be very grateful if you would explain this further


I think this is the problem. There should be a slide override/global feature that won’t get retriggered - a new automation layer on top. I’d appreciate that…

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Ok, so first of all, i don’t know how well you know the machine yet, since you are a new user.

First thing is, are you fully aware of the kit and pattern structure of the rytm? For example that a kit can be linked to multiple patterns?

Suggestion 1: if the two patterns share the same kit, you should be able to just live record the volume sweep of the patterns that are chained. Or you can manually p lock each trig to the wanted value. So nothing should reset when the pattern changes, since the plocks are stored in the patternn and not in the kit.

Method two: let the hihat track run with half speed and only use one pattern (works only if half the resolution is still enough for you) have a look at individual track speed in the manual

Method 3: use slides and retrig, works with retrig intervals only. On hihat track you should only have two trigs. One on step 1 and one on step 64. On step one set the lenght to 64steps and retrig to on and retrig lenght to 64. Now you can either use the retrig veelocity curve or the slides. Set retrig velocity curve to plus 128 and velocity of the trig to 0. This way the retriggered hihat will fade in gradually.

Foe the slides.
If you have an individual hihat pattern you could resample it over two pattern lenghts and then set only one trig on the first step with vomume to 0, then on last step of the pattern to 64. Then in slide mode set a trig/mark on the first trig. Now the so7nd should fade in gradually. Then on pattern two do the same with value 64 on first trig and 128 on last trig…

Sorry, but difficult to describe in text form :rofl:


Slow LFOs can be used for long automation, if they aren’t being used for anything else

Plocking the level and lfo trig at the start of each bar can get there as a work around


Thank you so much for this reply, learned something new!

Yes I’m aware that one kit can be used on various patterns, though it has it own limitations, as the changes affect on one pattern affects next pattern that shares same kit, which in my case was always a problem. I’m so used of making new kit each pattern.

Though his solves the issue with recording automation over two patterns when sharing the same kit! This definitely will broaden my way of thinking. + Now I know how slides work! If you want long slide - no trigs in between that was my problem.

Thank you very much I will try out all the methods you suggested.