How to have my youtube dawless jams in 192kbps?

Most of my dawless jams are on youtube, obviously the audio upload format is wav. Once uploaded, my content always results in crappy 128kbps audio.
Now, I’ve actually noticed that some contents on YT stream up to 192kbps, this means that there are some videos with a better audio resolution than mine.
Depends on what? Who decides what format the audio encoding should be? How can I force my videos to always be encoded at 192kbps?

What resolution are you uploading at?

As already stated, I upload my contents in wav, but I tried every audio/video format possible: the resulting audio is always 128k
I mean, it’s 2023: they can do better than that

Google search says: Encoding specifications for music videos - YouTube Help

You need to be a ‘Partner’ who’s using their ‘Content ID’ system:

That’s most likely why some videos support a higher bitrate.

Youtube and which bitrate is used seems to be a very complicated issue: YouTube Myth Busted: 320Kbps Audio Availability | 4K Download

The link you posted is a copyright measure: it explains how to protect your content from any other users who re-upload the original video and, if necessary, proceed with the takedown procedure.

I can’t find anything about streaming format quality (not uploading quality)

Yes, it is definitely an obscure topic
I’ve heard this rumor: depending on the impact the content has in its first days of life, the platform can decide whether to replace its audio bitrate by increasing it to 192k. But they are precisely rumors: I have not found any official youtube link that states this, in fact the link you publish is only an independent blog, it states that […According to user reports found online…]
I’m afraid we will never know the real truth

My audio doesn’t sound too bad on youtube. It definitely converts and compresses the signal but it shouldn’t be that bad.

And btw how do you actually know that your audio is playing at 128kbps? Just curious. Afaik there’s no way to really prove which audiorate youtube uses. If you download the audiofile of the video it depends on which audiorate the download program uses.

Try checking out the actual steams available with something. like Jdownloader.

One thing you definitely should check is the application you’re using to encode and render the videos you’re later uploading to Youtube.

Youtube wants… videos. I dont think i’ve seen an option to only upload a wav file.

There was as silly way to solve this, don’t know if this still works, but it can be good when you link your videos on other place : add “&fmt=18” at the end of your video adress.
I used to do this, then i solve this problem with special youtube encoder on premiere and Hd videos.

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JDownloader is exactly what i use to check the audio encoding on youtube: it rips the streaming without any conversion.
That’s how I discovered that videos on youtube have different tech specs. lately, the .webm format with opus codec 192kbps seems to be the best option available on YT free (premium can stream up to 256k)


Yeah, or OGG, possibly much older content. I don’t know much of their internal storage structure but it’d probably be interesting to learn about.