How to fix model : samples, not turning on after update os

Although the manual tells me not to turn off the machine
But when it updates and shows the screen “Please restart.”
Then I shut down the machine and when it turned on again
Unable to turn on the device again

anything help

I updated mine to the latest OS yesterday, I don’t remember it saying “Please restart” after the update I think it rebooted itself.

Did you use the Elektron Transfer software and follow the instructions?

Yes, I installed it through Tranfer. Read the manual and know that it is not necessary to turn it off. I waited for half an hour on the boot page. I then closed and opened again. After that, the device starts to boot until completion. But after that, like I saw that it needed to be reset again, so I turned it off. And after that I didn’t see it turned on anymore

try and hold “FUNC” while turning on.
Does this load up the Startup menu?

No, it dead ;(

did you manage to turn it on? it doesn’t turn on for me either