How to execute commands for live performance with midi controllers

Greetings, I am setting up the OT to be the brain in a live situation.

It handles the set list via the arranger mode, sends midi feeds to the synths and also runs as the master to RYTM.

I wonder if it’s possible at all to send several commands at once to execute STOP, LOAD ARRANGER SEQUENCE, PLAYBACK with the click of a single Midi Preset (Programme Change) via something like the Midi Solutions Event Processor?

To recap, I would like to press Preset on a Midi Pedal to trigger a sequence of events;
Stop playback
Change Arranger to the next song
Maybe mute tracks, throw in an expression pedal and other fancy dance moves
Start playback


Well, when speaking of if it’s possible:

Loading a different arranger sequence is definitely not possible, because there is no way to trigger this from outside the OT. At least you need to have all songs in one large sequence and jump via SPP (Song Position Pointer) messages around.

Some further reading about SPP messages and the arranger:

I’m quite unsure if the MIDI Solutions Event Processor is up to the task, but something like the BomeBox in combination with the MIDI Translator Pro software will definitely be able to handle such “batch jobs”.


You didn’t mention if you are allergic to computers: if not, I use a tiny and older Lenovo thinkpad running a software called LiveProfessor which has a superb handling of snapshots. It’s ultra flexible. I recall the exact state of ALL of my (midi capable) synths/devices by sending a single command to LP. It can do much more (it’s originally a Live VST host) but I use it mainly for this sort of stuff, and also for midi rechanneling or fanning out. Highly recommendable.


I did it with the Event Processor Plus.
Doable from a midi foot controller.


I have a morningstar Mc6, you can handle tons of message per stomp press. You should check it, highly powerfull midi tool.


Yep. :wink: Nice one. But does it send SPP?

No direct Spp but it sends rt ans sysexes, achievable with these two maybe ?

Oh yeah, no computers (yikes), already logging around outboard synths. :slight_smile:

I just ordered the Mc8 thanks to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What an incredibly powerful box. You changed me life!
But, i am confused about this SPP biz. I am sure, i will be pulling my hair.
Moreover, the tedious task of merging several arrangements into one with all the mute, tempo information, is there anyway to copy an arrangement and dump it on top of the master one?

Many thanks for valuable direction!
This thing is quite a beast, thanks to the contributing tip by @KaOsphere.

If I have been of any help, I’m happy ! Hope the mc8 will suit you !

@KaOsphere, if it’s not specified, I’m not sure the Morningstar’s can send SPP. It’s a specific message (F2 00 00), not a sysex.

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Computers for sound generation (virtual synths and stuff), I can understand that. But for housekeeping tasks such as this, and editors/librarians, I think they are perfectly suited. Once you have it set-up the way you want, just close the lid if you don’t want a visible PC screen on your set. Boxes like Bome Box, Midi Translator, the MC8 controller are all computers too, after all.

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Sure it’s not in the mc6 spec. Tbh I’m not really confident with sysex so that’s why I was not sure…

While the MC8 is a quite capable MIDI controller it cannot send SPP (Song Position Pointer). So you need something else to jump around in the arrangement.

SPP requires 14-bit (2*7 bit) data values. The easiest way to get SPP from a box which doesn’t support it would be to send a special NRPN from that box to a MIDI translator box which translates it into a SPP message.

But AFAIK the MC8 doesn’t even support NRPN. You could do something similar with a special SYSEX message (requires also a translator box to translate the SYSEX into SPP), but it’s definitely more complicated then a simple NRPN.


Nobody mentioned it, but it’s very easy to code a Arduino sketch for the Retrokits RK-002 cable that translates CC messages (or whatever) into SPP messages. Probably the cheapest solution to this problem.


Blokas Midihub maybe? It supports SPP:

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It’s incredible something so fundamental should be such a costly uphill battle with loads of headache.

As soon as I figure out the MC8, i will probably do away with the arranger of Octatrack altogether and just go thru patterns, mute tracks and send midi clock (that’s what I am doing in the arranger anyway).

I received the MC8 today. I have been trying to figure out how to select a track and mute it all morning, looking at the OT manual for Control Change mappings and pulling my hair. I wish there was midi learn for Mc8.

Yeah this is a wicked piece of equipment, indeed.

It isn’t if you have the right tool (something that can send SPP). SPP is a standard developed exactly for such use cases. But, of course, if a tool doesn’t supports standards like SPP and NRPN then it becomes complicated.

IMHO when you are not using the Arranger you will loose features like BPM per pattern (or per Arranger line to be exact) and scenes+mutes per pattern and all the good stuff. Of course you can control most of that from outside, but programming a second device for this doesn’t sound “inspiring”.

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