How to Delete Automation on Syntakt?

Maybe another Syntakt owner can try it?

On SYN TUNE destinaiton, I record LFO depth info into the chord machine track so the pitch is obviously varying wildly. This can’t be cleared easily.

The manual suggests holding the encoder + NO which I tried in all record modes and it didn’t work to remove LFO Depth motion. Also the manual suggests resetting all settings of that parameter button by, say, LFO button + Play, which also leaves traces of the LFO still in the track but cleans it up.

Can anyone explain this?

To remove p-locks on a parameter (e.g. LFO/Depth), you switch to Live Recording mode (Rec+Play) then hold No and press the encoder that correspond to the parameter (LFO/Depth in our case). Hold the No+encoder pressing for a whole loop to clear all the plocks for this parameter.

LFO+Play(Clear) will reset this LFO page to the init state.

The first solution is what you’re after.