How to combine Deluge + DT + DN

Hi All! I’m pretty new to this stuff, but I’ve lucked out and ended up with three amazing pieces of hardware. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to put them all together?

What I want to do is use Digitone for most synths, Digitakt for most drums, and Deluge to fill in all the spaces between and combine patterns from the other two into fully arranged songs. How do I connect them all to do this?!

Should I daisy chain everything together running into the (mono) in of the Deluge? Should I somehow connect everything to deluge with midi, but have all audio out to a mixer? I’m lost!

This is how I would do this. It is one example of many.

Deluge out into Digitone in
Digitone through out into Digitakt in
Deluge sends transport + clock, Digitone and Digitakt receives it.

Buy a small mixer.

But first: learn every box in and out before combining them.
Make small steps.


This seems pretty logical! So in this setup, the Deluge wouldn’t be sequencing the other two boxes, but the sequences on each box would be synced up and in step with the sequences on the other boxes, right?

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For me that makes sense.
Because the sequencers on all boxes are great and built for those boxes. You get faster results, that makes more happy than fiddling with technical details. Later on you will start experimenting, but first?

Awesome, thanks! I guess I just have to find a small and relatively cheap mixer then!

You could daisychain the boxes too.
If I havent the money for a mixer, but thos three beautiful boxes I would put audio from deluge into Digitakt and then Digitone.

You have than on the deluge a mic 3,5mm and 6,35 line in left.

But a mixer is easier to set up and makes things more flexible.

Do you, tho? The Dellie’s got stereo in.

Takt out into Tone in. Tone out into Dellie.

It’s crude, but it is a complete audio signal chain in stereo.