How to chain the same pattern in succession?

When creating a patterns-chain, by pressing/holding patterns in succession (I love that!), how can you manage to have the same pattern playing more than once? So far, to play a pattern several times in succession, I create two of the same pattern and chain them… Is there a way to do it with only one?

Thanks in advance for answering. (I apologize if the subject has already been exhausted. I didn’t find a related thread, though…)

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From the Syntakt manual, p.45. (it should be the same on the Digitakt and Digitones).

Step 3. suggests you can add the same pattern multiple times, by tapping the trig for that pattern multiple times (whilst holding the previous trig key). The hidden implication here is that this only works if the pattern you want to repeat is not the first one. I have read a more complex series of keypresses that lets you repeat the first pattern as well, but I don’t remember it.

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You’re right! It reads the very same on the Digitone manual (p.44).
I must have skipped it because I was under the impression that releasing the button would break the chain.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Chains can be edited on the bigger machines but with the digis, if you want the first pattern to repeat, afaik you’re out of luck.

A better way to make chains would be very welcome.
PTN + 1-16 + YES could work (YES would start the chain creation, with count-down popup waiting for next chain before cancelling - like the bank change popup).

Also, PTN should flash when a chain is playing.

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I agree. The “holding-previous/press-next-button” method is a bit awkward (but sweet, anyway). A graphic representation of the chain, with numbers listed on the screen, improved with a “tied” function between patterns for long notes holding over several sequences (and, why not, recording oscillators modulations), would be great! And it would be even better if the chained patterns could be saved and recalled.

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It can be done on M:C and M:S (via a complicated sequence) … so my guess would be that it is possible on the digis.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the technique for the models: Chain with first pattern repeated - #10 by echoicMalady


all you gotta do is start the chain with an empty pattern, then move on as you normally would with the patterns of your song

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That’s a good idea. empty patterns are handy for a few other things.

  • suspending the tension from a build-up
  • letting a sound ring out beyond the end of the pattern (sampling, ends, transitions, etc)

it would be nice to press yes to be able to duplicate chain input for sure.

i think once im more comfortable with juggling patterns,
im going to pay more attention to scale menu, change lenght and master lenght
using longer change lenght for patterns that im sure im going to loop through multiple times.

It’s fun. Enjoy. Note that if you’re syncing multiple Elektrons, you have to use LEN (or M.LEN) the way you might imagine you would use CHNG (CH.LEN) - i.e. pattern change sync doesn’t change patterns after the Change Length, only after the master Length.

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