How to backup everything?


I did accept the same challenge and tried to backup all my projects. And yes it’s true. You have to do it one by one.
Nevertheless the keyword ‘WHOLE PROJECT’ in the SysEx menu fools you easily like the above posts have already mentioned. If you wanna be sure to be able to fully restore the whole project with all its sounds, kits and patterns you need at least:

  • Move your custom sounds and those from the +Drive you have edited to the sound pool (sound/soundmanager/ left browse -> select a sound slot -> right browse -> SAVE TRK SOUND). Repeat this for each track you have sound on
  • Save a kit (Kit/SAVE KIT -> select a Kit slot)
  • Save your patterns (Pattern/SAVE PATTERN)
  • Save the project (Project/SAVE PROJECT -> Select a project slot)
  • … if you have further Song settings do the same with them.

In the next step you can send the Project to your SysEx manager. Important thing to understand:

  • Send all of the above objects to the SysEx (not only the Project)

  • If you wanna have a full backup of your project and not single pieces of each object, perform the backup in one transaction to create only one backup file. How?

  • Change to the SysEx menu on the A4 (Project/SYSEX DUMP/SYSEX SEND -> ALL)

  • Open the C6 SysEx Manager on your PC and press the Receive button

  • Now back on your A4 start the send process one by one (WHOLE PROJECT, ALL SOUNDS, ALL KITS, ALL PATTERNS (ALL SONGS if you have) ). Let them all pass through and don’t interrupt the process by clicking ‘Stop!’ in C6.

  • If everything is transferred, press ‘stop!’ in the C6. Highlight the newly created file in the C6 browser and the ‘File Info’ frame displays your backup summary. In my case: Normal Globals: 4 Kits: 256 Sounds: 256 Patterns: 256 Songs: 16 Settings: 1

  • Save the file to your local machine


  • In the C6 manager select the backup file form your PC
  • On the A4 create a new project or select an existing one (gets overwritten).
  • Go to the SysEx menu (Project/SYSEX DUMP/SYSEX RECEIVE -> RECEIVE ANY). An object type screen opens which is going to display the incoming file screen from your PC
  • Select ‘Send’ in your C6 manager and restore the data

Repeat this for all your projects :slight_smile:
How much music we could compose during this time. Incredible!


Thank you for putting together such a detailed post. This is very informative. It’s unfortunate that Elektron hasn’t streamlined what should be such a simple and basic task.