How Syntakt compares to Rytm MK2?

What’s your pros/cons ?

I have both and I will keep both. Together they rapidly grew to be my main synths/drums. Got many other elektron boxes.

soooooo… differences:
Even if you take the machines that are the same (the analogues of the syntakt), they only sound similiar when NOTHING is afterwards like the rytm overdrive/kompressor or the syntakt drive.

the compressor/overdrive combination of the rytm sounds (in my ears) WAY huger than the syntakt with it´s overdrive (which is a totally different overdrive in my ears. Really good to hear that is when you test the dualvco on both. They have the same sound, but the overdrives/compressor on the rytm makes it unbelivabel fat. But on the other side the syntakt has 2 lfos, so the soundforming has many other possibilitys there.

So. Yes. Some machines are the same, but all in all they are completly different beasts because everything inside the devices what comes AFTER the machines. One can handle samples too, the other has a good amount of synth machines and 2 lfos and so on.

I use them both for different purposes at the same time. And I´m happy! :slight_smile:


Worth reading:


Can you use the sequencer of the ST/DT/DN toward the Rytm ? Using ST triggers to control parameters in the Rytm ?

Using ST triggers to control parameters in the Rytm ?

Yes. With a Syntakt midi track for example :wink:

And yes, you Can use the sequencer of the ST/DT/DN toward the AR but I don’t get the point :thinking:

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One thing that makes up for only 1 LFO per track on the RYTM is that if you use Bitwig or Ableton (perhaps other DAWs as well, but these are the only two I know of) you can use unlimited modulation (LFOs, other modulation tools) when using overbridge. So I wouldn’t pick ST over RYTM if LFOs is the primary consideration if your DAW has this feature with overbridge.


Well wouldnt it mean you can use the lfos from the ST/DT/DN on the Rytm too ?

Off course you can !

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Great question that I am asking myself… but I do love the separate physical outs on rytm.

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I have both.
Rytm mk2 feels more like an instrument than the Syntakt, it’s way more performative on the fly, which is what I go for personally.

The Perf pads, the quick Perf control, the scenes, the Mute pads… these are the main performance tools the Rytm has over the Syntakt.

I prefer the Rytm sound too, as others have said, the Master/FX options it has make it sound any way you want it to.

I like the Syntakt, but I get the same feeling from it as I get with the Digitakt, where a lot of the work I have to put in to make music is in the programming/sequencing/organising of it… I think the ctrl-all is cheesy now, so that’s just mutes left as a performance/improv option.

I like/prefer the Kits approach of the Rytm too.


I like the larger pads of the Rytm better but small size has advantages on the newer Elektron boxes.

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This is a great post. I’m curious about a few things you mentioned.

What specifically do you like about the master fx? When I first learned about it only being on master channel I saw it as a con for that limitation.

Same thing goes for the Ctrl All…how is that cheesy? I always felt like that was another shortcoming.

Last thing, can you explain more about why you like the Kits approach?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my milk, but I’m hoping you can change my perspective a bit. I might be missing something in my approach. I’m genuinely interested in your thoughts here.

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