How old are you and where are you from?


I thought I was the only one in his fifty’s around here :sob:
Long-Live the 60’s :imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m a 25yr old Russian man-child, currently living in Serbia.

Always loved all kinds of electronic music, but it really came together when a “trancecore” band called Enter Shikari introduced me to the joy of sequencers.

Bought my first machine at 16 (a KORG Electribe MX) and have finally acquired the a4 about a year ago.



47 and feeling it today but hey I still haven’t fully grown up… yet.


me either. I recently turned 31 and wonder when I’m going to…


I thought I was the only one in his fifty’s around here :sob:
Long-Live the 60’s :imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[/quote]
Many a good tune played on an old fiddle as they say :joy: . Cheers Glynbo.


28 m from Beirut,currently living in Barcelona since 4 years and thinking to move to Berlin soon since i couldn’t really fit with the music scene here,lately being influenced by amon tobim,murcof,aphex twin,nils frahm…


48, munich germany


Walt Jabsco - great avatar, tubman. I was heavily into Two Tone in the late 80s/early 90s.



Thanx Hans, I was heavily into Star Wars in the late 80s/early 90s.




One day I’m gonna contact Hans and see if he wants to do some kind of beat compilation.


37 Nijmegen Holland


i just added an A4 to my AR for my wifes birthday. coincidence that it arrived on her day but what the hell its always someones birthday somewhere.

  • 39 years old
  • San Jose, California
  • lots of different stuff…Colder, War Widow, Lassigue Bendthaus, Maetrik


40 years + two dependents - Mainland, New Zealand. And create drone soundscapes to dark imagery.


Hello… I don’t see an introductions thread, so here goes.

My name is Daniel and I have made music under the monikers Sauce and, currently, SnowMetal.
I owned a v1 Machinedrum about 10 years ago, used it extensively w/ the Roland V-Synth. I have played about 600 live shows since the late 80’s. I have a lot of YouTube tutorials up, covering a variety of hardware and software.

I’ve had plans on getting an Octatrack for about five years or so, and I got one around four months ago. A few days ago, I put up my first videos concerning this machine, linked below… I plan on learning and contributing much. Cheers.

Creating synth waveforms for chromatic sequencing:

Mashing Ableton-style clips on the OT:


:ecstatic: age omg? let’s say I started dj’ing about 20 years ago :blush:
My location is Belgium.
Last year I decided to buy the A4, and a few months ago the OT, best decision ever!
So…I’m also a real vinyl addict but my main focus now is making music with these machines, still in the learning process :joy_cat: :kissing_cat:


I’m 40. Living in Brussels, I’m from Barcelona.
Into music after 24 years, but just the last 4 discovering
electronics. Upright bass and electric bass player. Now
making music with Rytm,OT, virus ti and others…with my duo band
Honeyponey( ).
A lot of influences of a lot of genres…music is music.


Hey, everyone.
I’m 30, born and living in São Paulo, Brazil (am I the only brazilian here?!)
Studied bass for quite a long time (and listened to more prog rock then I should) until I decided to drop everything and focus on electronic music, sound engineering and so on. I’m also a Max programmer and very interested in multimedia stuff.
Hard to say the main influences, but the things that are always present are Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Tom Zé, Alva Noto, Tom Waits, Arrigo Barnabé, Mingus, Steve Reich, Patife Band, Kraftwerk and the list goes on.


35 years old
From Los Angeles, CA, USA
90s anime music like Ranma 1/2, Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell
90s J-pop like globe, TRF, Namie Amuro, TM Revolution, Access, Hideki Kaji, Tomomi Kahala
Yasutaka Nakata projects (Perfume / Coltemonikha / Capsule)
Ryuichi Sakamoto / YMO
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Nine Inch Nails
Jeff Lorber Fusion
Mega Man 2 and 3 for NES
French house like Daft Punk, Kris Menace, Bob Sinclair, Alan Braxe, Justice


47 as well (go old farts!!!) German, still not grown up.

Making electronic music, mostly House, the last 18 months. With the AR, there will be more techno to come.