How old are you and where are you from?


all right jelly, thanks! … traumprinz really interesting … cheers


46 and living in the drab West London suburbs. All Heathrow flightpaths and reservoirs here.

Pretty eclectic tastes and a guitar background - MBV, BoC, Ae, Aphex, Mogwai, Stereolab, Broadcast, A.R. Kane, Durutti Column, Pye Corner Audio and Ghost Box stuff.


I’m 54, I live near London, UK.

I became interested in audio after working on sound card drivers for an audio company (sadly long gone). I hard a brief career in game audio at Codemasters for about four years - my names on GRiD, DiRT, F1 2011 and a few other games.

My favourite music is from Steve Hillage, now System 7. Pretty much any kind of trance music.

I’m starting to rewrite (yet again) a MIDI controller after playing with my Analog Four and Rytm. Looks like I might go for iPad and try some iOS programming in (of all things) Delphi!


Hey Fuseball, you sound pretty close, I’m not far from Heathrow either!


43 from Augusta, GA, USA now living in The Dirty (Atlanta, GA). Played in guitar-based bands most of my life but have been fascinated with drum machines, synths, and samplers from a very young age. Grew up listening to Ramones, Run DMC, REM, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Duran Duran, etc. These days I’m really getting into Gold Panda, Dilla, Autechre, Boards of Canada, YouTube people with cool setups, FlyLo, pretty much anything that is interesting. Trying to mesh my guitar playing/songwriting with sample-based improv. I’m old as f**k. Also in law school so my time playing with all this stuff is very limited.


These forums are great - always on the hunt for new music and I’m seeing lots of unfamiliar artists listed!

I’m 28, in Hobart (Australia). Working as an orchestral violinist but love my electronica.
I am currently being inspired by: Tipper, Amon Tobin, Hedflux, Billain, Stimming, and Diego Stocco.


41 , Frankfurt Germany, i like many kinds of music, i.e. classical, indie, metal , but mostly i listen to techno , dub, afterhour sounds, ambient, and psytrance.

I remix the mentioned influences into my sound, which i call psychedelic techno.


Well I felt like 30 5 minutes ago but really 52. Always had a keen interest in music but it wasnt until 2009 that I really started getting equipment. first was a sound interface, a saffire pro 24 and a edirol pcr500. now I have what I consider to be some of the classics ms20 mini, tr8 sub 37 and some others.

Principly use ableton with a push 2 when he arrives next week and my newest edition is the Octatrack.

I live in Granada Spain and wish I could find someone local who can show me some of the finer detail of the OT.

I love all the early 80’s stuff.


33, Melbourne, Australia.

See the dub techno thread for faves :slight_smile:

I split 3 ways. Media arts for 1/2 my career, technician stuff for the other 1/2. Music is my passion and hobby. Who knows if it becomes my career one day it kind’ve half is but we’ll see.


39, Vienna, Austria.

Started DJing in early 90s and became a big fan of hardware music within the last decades.

I own a very old MNM (will never get rid of it), an AR and an AK beside some synths and fx boxes. Ableton is only used for recording/playback of my guitar and voice - sometimes as a midi clock :slight_smile:

Most of the time I’m trying to archieve all parts of my music by using the hardware and to prevent sampling.

Listened to nearly all kind of music but mostly influenced by Bass Music, Dub, Techno, Indie Rock and African Rhythms.

I’m looking for people around my area to exchange some knowledge about sequencing & arranging of ideas/songs as well as sound design.


46 Brighton UK

DJ’d a lot in the 90’s can’t believe its 25 years ago WTF.
Always been into Ambient and Electronica, last few years Minimal techno

Have had AK AR and OT for last 6 months but seems to only be able to produce tunes in Ableton and Push 2 ( love it ), trying to find ways to integrate hardware but finding OB too laggy and glitchy.

Day job, I design creative wooden toys for kids… and adults take a look if you like


I am 33 and grew up in a small village in the mountains of Switzerland. My record collection is based on Krautrock, Post Punk, Soundtracks and some other obscure tunes. I want to recreate indigenous spiritual music by using modern machines.


39 (today), Darmstadt / Germany :joy:


44 Ucluelet, BC, Canada. Population 1500, nearest music store, 250 km away. Total number of electronic music fans 2. Influences = Apex Twin, Autechre, The Orb, Pink Floyd, Got Bruce Baxter and the Sonic All Stars. (1976 Star Wars interpretive album) when I was 5 and that was my first taste of Techno. Huge fan of dark minimal techno & dub. Currently AR and A4. OT coming up soon I hope.


Happy Birthday! Go buy yourself some gear


hey yo

i´m 30 from vienna


Thanks! I did … added a Rytm to the AK :wink:


I’m Sean, I’m also 37.
Been in NYC for the past 10 years working as a mastering engineer which has completely screwed up my musical influences. Previous to this I’ve lived in Washington D.C.,Greece, Saudi Arabia, Stoke-On-Trent, and Oxford.

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray totally exploded my little brain when I was 11 and it set me off down the path of Acid House and Early UK Breakbeat. From there I’ve been into most forms of Techno and tech leaning House with heavy doses of Funk, Disco, Downtempo, and Ambient along the way.


…or “asl plz” (33, m, Norway) as we used to say back in '97, when Impulse Tracker was all the rage (unless you lived on the FT2 side of the river) and it was impolite to ask anyone to check out a tune if it was larger than 200kb.

After a while I startet gaining an interest in hardware synthesizers, then gradually went hybrid.

These days I’m still hybrid (mostly), still love the workflow of Impulse Tracker (although I use it only once, maybe twice, a year), and still make music on the very same level of professionalism as back then.



Hi all,
I`m 55, live in Waltham-st-Lawrence, and I am influenced by JMJ, TD, KS, Depeche, Kate bush ,Geoff Downes, Rick Wakeman plus loads more. Cheers Glyn.