How old are you and where are you from?


Nice graphs. :slight_smile:


24 years old from Finland, close to Helsinki. Got my first hardware synth earlier this year, latest acquisition is a Behringer Neutron (eurocrack dive is closing in).

Influences include Woo York, Artefakt, Blawan, Xosar, Cari Lekebusch, Ellen Allien, Setaoc Mass, Boston 168…


35 from Berlin and I’m constantly under influence… :stuck_out_tongue:


just to raise the average .53y of an itALIEN
killing joke nitzer ebb daf terence fixmer gesaffelstein


40 y old from Nijmegen
Used to do hiphop, then drum and bass and now , after a last years broken equipment crises, I make techno again (and other genres) on Rytm & four


33! from Ankara / Turkey!


33 Colorado… if any guys out here let’s create a meetup


37, Belgium, Gent, home of RIP I love techno, Decadance
-vinylcollecting/mixing electronic music (big impact Ae and Afx)
-making all kinds of genres depending in what mood I am but certainly not dance or trance shit! Hardware only, first machine Electribe EMX1 bought on release date, first Elektron around 7years ago MDmk1, and also A4 and DN + to many stuff to mention which I have gathered in all these years of gassing and ‘collecting’.

I can’t play keyboard, but I can program or sequence it! I need more hands or some slaves to play or control my synths :smile:


Turning 25 this month, and I’ve been living on Long Island NY for about 5 years now but was born and raised in south Florida.

I guess I make hip hop? Idk, that’s what I call it but it never sounds like traditional hip hop.

I’ve got a wide range of influences; Prog Metal, Hip Hop, Game music, alternative/indie, etc. I like to take little bits of inspiration from everything and just make whatever I can. Lately I’ve been really into the Soulection crew’s sound, particularly Monte Booker.

I also love me some old school boom bappin’:

Pete Rock, Madlib, MF Doom ( and all his aliases/collabs), Wu Tang, Mathematics, etc.

My biggest influence had to be FlyLo though, he really showed me that I can do whatever the fuck I want with hip hop and it still be dope.


33, live in Medellin, Colombia

I like Freestyle, Electrofreestyle, Electrobreaks, Trance Breaks, Anthem Breaks, and Break Trance


hmm, nice idea.
this is me a year ago. but with laptop-based rig (boring!)


Update: I’m 37 now.


Cool to see this! Thank you!
I wonder what would be the (dis)proportion of males x females (x other) here!


LOL. You must be new to electronic music.


Honestly all the DJs and artists im listening to atm seem to be women i dunno why. If I was a woman making electronic music I probably wouldnt be hanging round forums… men act like everybody else is a man and it would be really off putting. Also there will be lots but they probably keep quiet about it would i imagine. Just my thoughts


45 Chicago- Influence are Aphex Twin, SOPHIE, PJ Harvey, Shellac.


i may or may not have responded here at some point but anyways:
31 from Ontario, Canada been living in and around Toronto.
I do consulting & contract work as a UI designer/iOS developer and also teach objective-c
aside from my own personal music work I contribute to a pop/dance group called The Initiates.

been posting here for a long time, but a big hello here to all the newer members who I haven’t interacted with as much :slight_smile:


39, North of Bergen, Norway.
I’m into rock as a singer, but like everything with an edge to it. I play bass/sing in a band, but what I enjoy most of all is late night doodles on the digitakt/a4. Or soldering. I like soldering.


I’m just across the river in Scappoose!


I do not often introduce myself, but i like this forum, so here we go…
1981, Brandenburg, Germany

The first years I grow up in the GDR, so my first contact with music was mostly this :slight_smile: :

After the fall of the wall I start listening to electronic music and I was fascinated since i saw my first live broadcast of the MAYDAY…here is a broadcast from 1995 :grin:

Loveparade (not the very first and not the very last ones) where fun, too. That was the first one I visited and the best (for me):

I do not follow such festivities anymore (nowadays the music is too stressful for me :upside_down_face:), but back then (about 20 years ago) it was great.

I listen to a lot of music genres these days (because inspiration comes from everywhere), but i’m still most influenced by electronic music. I’m into straight minimal and synthwavish stuff, like: