How old are you and where are you from?


32 from the small sunny island of Malta (Europe)…techno head from as long as i can remember.
Producing techno for about 16 years always digital. This year i decided to take the leap of going into hardware and haven’t opened a vst ever since :smile: i love my machines and come up with ideas much faster. Have been finding it very inspiration…apart from when GAS kicks in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


52 - I was born in Malta, have an Irish Passport and Live in Wales.

Although the way the is UK is self destructing with Brexit I think we may all vote to become the 51st State of America next year…or 50% of the country may just emigrate.


Mid 40’s, Australian who lives in Singapore and the UK- pro producer/engineer.

Mostly listen to metal and glitchy electronic music.
I have most of the Elektron boxes- just Sidstation and Monomachine to get now.


funny how i searched “Malta” on this thread and nothing came up before i posted. Now you mentioned it right after my post. Coincidence? :thinking::smile:


54 year old Swede from Staines.
Don’t listen to much electronic music, which is probably why my own is so weird/crap.
Or maybe I’m just too old? :slight_smile:


48, Netherlands (near Arnhem) - lots of musical influences, from progrock (King Crimson, VDGG), some freejazz, some modern classics, ambient (Eno ea), some Punk/Wave, This Heat, Autechre … made lots of music in several projects. From lofi pop to impro-noise, minimal ambient… also for impro-dance. Last years mostly solo at home with some electronic gear (Octatrack is one of them).


49 y/o in Ormond Beach, FL originally from Chicago. Married with one kiddo. I work in ESE education by day.

First concert was Pink Floyd Animals tour (cheaper than a babysitter, parents took me to a lot of crazy shows in the 70s.) Discovered industrial at age 16 (Skinny Puppy) and moved to Portland, OR to form a band that opened up for Frontline Assembly, Xymox and pretty much everyone else who played there at the time. Burned out in the mid-90’s, switched to D&B in the early 00’s. Been in and out of producing since then, on a darkwave and industrial techno kick lately.

Biggest single influence is Autechre.


22 in Chicago, Illinois. Major influences are Gridlock, Dryft, Cyanotic, FLA, Autechre, Azelia Banks, Goldfrapp, Evol lntent, and Underworld. Been a sound engineer for a few years, and done a lot of work with Glitchmode recordings out here in chicago. I also daytime as a robotics engineer, and the current career goal is to work for a company like Elektron or Roland as a Hardware Engineer.
Otherwise I spend a lot of time making techno heavily influenced by industrial, Dn’B, IDM, 90’s rave, and disco.


Don’t know if anyone has been bored enough to do this yet. But I typed in the first 100 ages at the start of this thread.

I can reveal the average age is :


Older than I thought it would be. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.:slight_smile:


yES: in exactly one month I’m going to be 42


Haha:) Love the fact that you actually did this:) Also, I’m almost exactly the average age - 36.17


Conclusion: people younger than 20 and older than 60 don’t play with elektron’s.
Nice graph!


Austin here too!


i never had a single Elektron, but who cares if this forum has such a great community.


Oh boy,
I studied in Lausanne for some time at the University at the German Chair… Loved Lausanne, was living near the lake at Phillips Bowling Center (Route de Chavanne). Also made many trips to Verbier for some snowboarding action… Aaaaah yes, love these memories, such a nice location Swiss is :)…


yes this is indeed a nice forum, with or without elektrons :wink:


I can assure you it‘s even nicer with a bunch of Elektrons.


Elektron makes expensive gear.

I bet the AVG AGE on the Korg forum is lower :slight_smile:


Okay so I couldn’t help but fool around a bit more with the age numbers. I skimmed through the whole thread and wrote down the age, maybe I missed a few.

Out of 250 ages, I got the average: 37.660


But I thought it would also be nice to see how the age is distributed.
The standard deviation I got is: 8.219


Obviously it all somewhat piles up around the age of 37. But I noticed that the older ones among us sort of spread out a bit more, compared to the younglings. The youngest one is 20 and they’re all kind of condensed towards the average. The oldest one is 62.
Here are the quartiles:


Also it’s worth noting that the user’s ages are counted from the time the posted, not their current age.
Another fun fact; I forgot to count my own age.


Hahaha, there’s a mug in the kitchen in the office with “I :heartbeat: spreadsheets”, I wonder if we may be colleagues? :wink: