How old are you and where are you from?


I am 33 years old.
I was born in Toledo, OH.
I am living in Portland, OR.
I am influenced by television commercials, public announcements, and other auditory information presented to the public by companies and governments. Also influenced by friends, hikes, kissing, embarrassment, sushi, and other life experiences.
I like synthesizers and samplers and makeshift instruments.


I’m 45
In London
Have lived around uk , Tokyo , Hong Kong.
Been making games since 1988 ish. ( c64 onwards )
Listening to electronic stuff since kraftwerk / electro compilations
Try to make idm/electronica that’s not too glitchy


43 originally from Manchester, UK but now living in Portland via Amsterdam, Birmingham, London and Hull.

Into golden era and early 90’s hip hop, old library records and soundtracks, psyche funk and soul, mid-90s drum and bass, ambient and nostalgic video game music (but not necessarily chip tune).



Portland, Oregon. Been around 46 years. Lived in New Zealand for a couple years, may end up back there. I’m pretty ignorant of the different electronic genres, but I’ll give anything a chance. Mostly inspired by world music artists like Niyaz, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Evgenious Voulgaris, Dead Can Dance, Love is Colder Than Death, but I come from a progressive metal background (bass guitar) so also Tool, A Perfect Circle, Dream Theater (moderate amounts ;), etc. I love experimenting with building stringed instruments, and I’ll listen to anything from Steve Reich and John Cage to Bjork, Pink Floyd and A.R. Rahman.


hi, I’m 25 and I’m from Mexico. Basically I listen to reggaeton and doom only.


Spring, Tx here! 31


From Berlin, Germany. 34 years Old. Doing mostly deep house,but also downtempo and stuff. Anybody around Berlin looking for a jam, is welcome to leave me a message.


35, male, living in Bratislava, Slovakia.
I dig ambient/drone music, and next-level stuff such as Oneohtrix Point Never, however my ever-favourite band would forever be Sonic Youth.


32, Germany, Bavaria.
Influences: The Beatles, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Autechre, BOC, Jon Hopkins, Trent Reznor, The Notwist, Amon Tobin, Four tet and many more
Love guitars, synths, samplers, both soft- and hardware


40 years young :slight_smile: Switzerland / Zürich
Dubstep, Drum&Base, House, Hip Hop

Elektron rocks :grinning:


I am on the cusp of now being 53 years old, and a male. Originally from farm country Indiana, USA. Had an extensive military career in USAF but even then, back in 1982 purchased my first synth that I learned subtractive synthesis on, the original Korg MS20. I also played in various cover bands in my off-time and also do visual art.
I now am retired and using music, art, and writing a book to help with a healthy dose of Military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other chronic health issues related to my service. Music Therapy on steroids. (have solid 11 years of formal piano and various reed instruments in my arsenal) I also volunteer with and do advocacy for other Disabled Military Vets and am owned by a very large Maine Coon Cat-Mix…my muse.
Lived all over the States, Iceland for a couple years and other unmentionable places but now have resided in a small Village of Marble Cliff, Ohio, which is a very quiet Western suburb Village of Columbus, OH, USA.

Let me add that I originally started with the A4 box but my brain did not want to bend that way so refocused on all my other hardware synths for a couple years doing my ambient/experimental music (Art For Art’s Sake), but just a few months ago I purchased the Analog Keys and those interface changes made for the AK has made me dig-in more comfortably, but am still on the learning curve and muscle memory process. Not my first foray w/ groovebox synths as I own a Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2, which should make a great pairing with the AK once I get through some learning curves.
Musical influences are many but specifically, Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP), Tangerine Dream, Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Roxy Music and many artists from the 70’s-80’s as major influences as well as Classical.
Thanks for the invaluable info provided by members on this and various forums. Oh…I still have that A4 box and plan to use it as well. :slight_smile:


Straight outta Houston, Texass spent a lot time in Austin too. I’m 42 I got fascinated with noise when I started playing my parents records and being from 1973 sci-fi and monsters was a big thing going into the 80’s Films like blade runner and close encounters of the 3rd kind really put my curiosity in synthesis. then I came across Ebm when I was a teen and then got my first machines a korg ea-1 and er-1 and been partying since 1999 lol


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Story of my life (at least part of it :sunglasses: )


24 from Iceland, living in Canada now. My grandmother bought me a used MPC 1000 for graduation and i’ve been making music ever since.


I’m Williams, i living in normandy region of france, i have 39 years old and i have a lot of friends in the world thanks to the music. I started as a dj first (first in gay club in 1994-95 and i played house, tribal and wildpitch) then i grown a bit and affirmed in a more techno detroit way… buy a cheap computer, m1 and akai s2000 and started music production. I always (from 15 years old to 31-32) lives about djing, and always played from deep jazzy stuff to techno. About few years now i’m behind LIMONADA records with an old friend, dj too.

Side to the music, im graduated from art school, my Skills go from drawing to photo, sketch to 3D, video editing and create all sort of company communication from paper to screen… i am in the process to become teacher in that territory.

I also in the process or writing a book not on my life but on how to make music at home.


25, from Gothenburg, Sweden. 10 minute walk from Elektron HQ! I Play the guitar and violin mainly (and piano and base guitar. A little bit of nose-flute as well). I play in a rock band on and off. Got into electronic music a couple of years ago and bought the Analog Keys shortly after release. Got the Rytm and the Octa too. I aim to get one or two compositions done each week for different projects. Always wanting to improve and learn new tricks!

Trying to get into video game/film compsing (anyone got some tips for a noob? :slight_smile: ), working on my violin chops, and getting my cultural studies bachelor degree.


48 next month, Antwerp, Belgium, Elektron-User since 2005.

Like anything that has tasteful cinematic qualities - the root of this probably being early Eric Satie but lots of other electronic-ethnic-jazzy-cinematic-funk-disco-soul-dub-dubtechno too. Even soulful grunge like Afghan Whigs, PJ Harvey in the nineties. I’ll stop here.


26, from Germany.
I got sucked into electronic music through Minimal techno and my inherent fascination with how things work. Some artists that inspire me are Gaiser, Plastikman, Burial, Trent Reznor, Extrawelt, Apparat and Trentemoller.



37 and from Wiltshire in the UK.

Love playing with Elektron machines and more in my spare time.