How many hours lost [resolved]


So…i love Digitakt sound but…
Why can’t i get transfer to work?
C6 just makes my samples sound weird .
I am close to up wi digitakt as transfer dent work.
is it usb or midi?
flakey is the real issue
please help
i just want to pull my samples into digitakt but can’t waste any more time.
please help


maybe i should have said

I’m close to giving up with as transfer doesn’t work and C6 makes samples sound weird


I don’t own a digitakt, but to get my rytm mk2 to work with transfer I had to make sure that overbridge mode was tuned off.


you sir…are a star, so right thank you so much


Ensure overbidge mode is turned off and midi over usb is enabled. Then connect to the computer via USB and open transfer.

Samples should be 48khz 16bit mono.


no working turn off over bridge mode


sorry mean now working thank you all