How long does it take to backup one project

When making a full backup of a project it seems to me that the sysex send via USB-Midi is incredibly slow. It takes almost 15 minutes for a single project. Is that normal?

The Elektron support was very helpful on this issue, so if anyone else has this problem:

If you go into Global MIDI settings by pressing Function + Global, select MIDI Config and then MIDI Input Config you can select whether the MIDI ports should be active via USB or standard DIN MIDI only (or both)

If you set both the input and output to USB only you will have the fastest transfer rate possible.

That reduced the time to backup a whole project from 15 minutes to a few seconds.

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Thanks so much for sharing the Support info.

I thought the painfully slow transfers were simply how it should be. I had similar transfer times as yourself, and now, like you, it takes seconds.

And where is your avatar picture from? It’s god damn adorable.

Great info !!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! No way for me to download all of my projects in one go though?


I wish there was a way to do a one click complete system back up! Unless I’ve missed something? :sunglasses:

You haven’t missed anything.

Thank you for sharing this!!!

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Glad I could help. @Libertine Lush: That’s Catbug from Bravest Warriors. The show is by the same guy that created Adventure Time, you can watch all episodes on YouTube. Check out Catbug’s minisode

Oh, that’s cool! I’ve been meaning to check out Adventure Time too for quite some time. I feel like I could really get into this realm of cartoons-for-adults and that looks like a great one to start with.

I just watched Catbug’s minisode. It was great. I’m gonna watch this series! And I think I’m gonna love it.

Thanks a bunch. Life changing A4 and cartoon tips all in one thread.

Thanks Peter. I found this on saving sounds & the +drive.
Other than that I guess I’ll carry on saving projects one by one! I wish there was a way to save all projects at once. My statement of the obvious for today!