How happy are you with your Rytm?


Yes I’m happy with my RYTM as I look at it as a classic analog drum machine in the making with one of the most advanced sequencers on the planet. At first getting used to elektronese terms and workflow was a trip coming from an mpc and maschine background as the elektron way was more scientific than musicial in terms and structure. However, thanks to help on the board sharing their knowledge it became relatable. Elektron has a great feature in microtiming. As I research more as exactly what this means in layman’ s terms it is beyond simple shifting notes early or late. It is based on getting the feel of Jazz, Funk, and African based feels in music time then I realized these Elektron engineers are geniuses that when above and beyond researching, building and incorporating the very best in their products. It is a marvelous drum machine. Even though I’m still learning new things is is a keeper for sure.


I’ve had my Rytm a few months and I could never part with it.

The low end is incredible. The sequencer is beyond amazing. Samples through the analog filters is pure magic.

I’m not sure I would have loved it so much pre the big update since all the new sounds are my favourites by far.

Also, there is something totally beautiful about a Machinedrum and Rytm working together. The Rytm provides this deep, warm, body to the track whilst the Machinedrum cuts straight through with it’s odd metallic presence.


bitch ass happy


damn, i’ve been meaning to ask if an MD is worthwhile if you have an AR and was hoping the answer was no…


Together they are unstoppable. Digitakt might be a good second solution though.


AR (Classic Analog Sound + Unbeatable Low End… very Electronic as instant sound-design)
MD (Classic Digital Sound + Unbeatable for instant Acoustic drums sound design and Weird Electronic Stuff)

So yes this combo cover every sound territory

AR + MD + NordDrum 2
And you have all you need +more

(If really after 808 and 909 probably better to get Miami808 and Detroit909 from Acidlab + Analog HEAT)


Great post!

I think this is where the magic is - a silver box into the input of the AR.

The monomachine kinda sounds like an analog hybrid through the AR compressor. It just sits there so well behind the AR and just glued in. It’s warmish.
I reckon I’ve tried everything with the mono- tape, analog filters, neve compressors, into moogs, A4 and so forth. Some have been good others just haven’t liked the mono.
But for me the AR Compressor just is perfect for the mm. ( btw I have never really liked the mono or md compressor)


one should just quickly mention here that the Machinedrum’s compressor is specifically designed for percussion, and at that, percussion as played by the Machinedrum … talking of compressors, the Monomachine’s compressor does cool things with the sound of the Machinedrum. But yeah, not so much the other way around.


I sell my rytm.
It’s a good instrument but the sound is not the best for me.
Too big and dirt for kicks, not fantastic snares and hats.
And lots of limitations in routing compared to MD.
But it’s just my point of view, I’m not so fanatic for analog sound.
When i take the Nord Drum 2 I reach the sound that I was looking for (and it is totally different from AR)

By the way it can do some goos synth sounds (1.30 OS), it has great sequencer and EFX.
I don’t want to say that it’s a bad gear, and when I decide, I sell in a week without problems.


I am very pleased with mine and fully understand the concept of using layered samples with synthesis. I think that the AR has a very good analog engine for this type of synthesis and is never going to get stuck when something fresh is needed, or when a particular drum sound needs to be created. Also, I think that Overbridge is essential to make such a versatile drum machine totally usable.


It’s my favorite piece of gear! I use it everyday​.


Where are you at? Do you still have the AR? And are you looking for an OT?


By “original”, I take it you own a non-UW Machinedrum?

If you need ability to use samples, then the Rytm obviously fills that need. (Or cheaper Volca Sample? or Digitakt?)

If you don’t need samples, then think about using the A4 to get some analog drum sounds going.

If you need everything at once, as in playing live, synth, drums, samples, then I’d get the Rytm. A4/AR/MD.

If it’s just for studio work, layering up sounds in a DAW as you go, then the A4 might be all the analog drum synth you need.

As for me, I own a Rytm. My second. Love/hate. Mostly love. But I wouldn’t say it’s something I need for my music. My style doesn’t call for too much glitch or sudden change of multiple sounds. Yes, I’m P-lock agnostic these days I guess.

I don’t play live, but I’m thinking about it. If I did, Rytm would be a keeper, no doubt. It can pretty much make entire songs by itself. The only thing I truly miss is very basic MIDI sequencing. Not a deal-breaker, but that would push it up into an indispensable live machine, for my style of music. Rytm plus one table-top synth (like a Nord Lead 2/3/A1) and some pedals would be all I would need.

That being said, if you don’t need a polysynth for chords/stabs/pads, etc. pairing the Rytm up with even just a couple of things like the A4 or even a TB-03, Moog Mother 32, etc, something with it’s own sequencer, would make a killer little combo. Well, I guess the A4 can do poly. So there you go.

If you are flexible as to needs and musical styles, then either Rytm or Digitakt will surely be plenty of fun in the end. A4 + MD + whatever you decide will be endless combinations of sonic bliss.

I guess I didn’t help much and have probably only added to the confusion. Sorry! :blush:


I love my Rytm. I use the analog drum voices only. I record into the sequencer from my Drumkat.
The only thing that really bugs me about the Rytm is how the kick voice pans heavily to the left channel.
Other than that I feel I get great sounds out of it. I can’t complain.


That doesn’t sound right at all. Mine certainly doesn’t do that. What’s your monitoring situation?


My Rytm is going straight into my Clarett 8pre via balanced TRS. My monitor and the Clarett’s dB Meter confirms the kick pans left by about 5-6dB.


I love mine! Sample layering with the synth voices plus a touch of overdrive and it’s game over. I’d love to have the MD global function knob turn fuck up feature on the RYTM. That would be the best thing ever, I’d be gity for months! The performance pads do rightly for now though :smiley:


I just starting using scenes to get kinda MD-esque craziness. I have a scene that turns on a random LFO set to the sample select slot and turns synth engines off or pitches them weirdly. $$$


If you own an iPad, I believe Strom offers similar functionality.


Rytm was my first taste of the Elektron workflow and boy is it ever delicious! While there aren’t a ton of machines to pick from, they all serve a purpose and compliment each other very well.

The signal flow is what makes the Rytm so unique to my ears, multiple gain stages provide subtle saturation or abrasive distortion. I love messing with the track/FX routings to make intro’s and builds, sending only the FX to the Heat can produce some luscious textures.

Whenever I hit a creative wall I just fire up Strom and randomize the hell out of a kit I’ve created and BOOM, instant inspiration! @void is a saint for creating such an easy to use app that keeps me inspired every time I use it. My favourite feature is definitely the FN global control, with the ability to choose which tracks will be affected it’s the bee’s knees!