How happy are you with your Rytm?


I have very mixed feelings about the Rytm. I really like how it sounds, and trig conditions/fills are cool. The performance stuff is very powerful, though I hardly ever use it. I think that’s about where the love ends for me.

I was able to deal with the pads at first… they do become slightly more responsive after hours of banging, but they’re still terrible. They actually work great in Performance mode, but I care more about tapping in beats, and they don’t cut it for me there. For many the pads might not be an issue, but I’m a drummer and decent at finger drumming as well, so have been seeking greater expression for my beats lately. That also requires a more robust sequencer, but since the Rytm is a step sequencer I can’t fault it there, and it really is the best step sequencer I could think of for drums. For my own purposes though, I prefer the immediacy of the Machinedrum for step sequenced percussion.

I am really hoping the MPC Live is solid because other than the touch screen, it’s what I’ve been wanting for a while - a modern MPC. The Rytm has been a worthwhile experiment and I made some great tunes with it, but ultimately I don’t need it (prefer sound design in MD, or using samples) and there are better things suited for my goals (if not the MPC then likely Maschine or Push).

Rytm will be the first Elektron I own which I will be getting rid of, but I think for many forms of music it’s probably the best drum machine there is. I know I’ll be using it on several tracks before I let it go so I am happy with it, just not quite happy enough. :slight_smile:


I think Mattleaf hit on a big point - the Rytm
Is fun. Its cool to just mess around with and if you have nothing productive tomshow for it, at least you enjoyed the time spent getting there :slight_smile:
And yeah the pads arent the best for me either.


If Elektron released the Rytm as a PURE drum synth, no samples, no midi ext control/seq in the HT DT format I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Off topic posssibly but my thumb did it, not me.


My pads are are multiple times more responsive than when I first turned it on. They now have a much better reaction to lower velocities, and values in between min and max. I have found the more you hit them and press them for perf or aftertouch the better they get, it just distracts you from hitting them because there not so good at first. I do use the index/middle finger double hit, but have become really use to it.
I feel like there still getting better even a few years in because I use them more lately…


I’ve had mine a week and absolutely love it! I sold my MK1 Machinedrum to help finance it - no regrets at all. I also bought an AK on the same day…it’s taking me a long time to gel with the AK, but the RYTM is instant joy. I thought I’d need SDS Drop but so far I’m finding C6 to be easy-peasy (I’ve only tried short samples though).


for Rytm synthesized snares, I use the peaking filter (EQ) almost exclusively.

The machine update was huge for me w/ snares. SD Natural is perhaps my favorite drum machine snare of all time.


My only issue with it is I fail to make it sound bright when I’m looking for brightness.

But everything else in aggregate pushes that issue far aside.


IMHO its the greatest drum machine of all time (so far). And so much more. After having it for about 6 months, I’m still learning new and cool ways to use it. Oh, and anyone who says they’re not using it for samples you’re really missing out :slight_smile:


I always think of the Rytm as the dirty pounding pulsing gritty Tekno steaming bang box.
I miss mine every time Detroit Underground release a greasy filthmongering muckspreader of a sweatfestering tekbanger!


Yeah i guess that not liking them has made me not use em. I do live record of them from time to time but i just dont like the feel. I have a maschine which is leaps and bounds above in that regard.
Like xidnplss i struggle to get it to sound bright but maybe its me.
Other than that i agree its the beat drum machine out there. For me anyway :slight_smile:


it’s weird, because I never really made techno/fast/filthy music before… but since I got the Rytm and the 0-coast that’s what’s been coming out :smiley:


ehm… i kinda beg to differ - 909 especially cuts through a mix so damn well (to me at least). I cant afford a 909 but my little TR-09 has literally blown my mind.

Oh and trying to emulate the sound via samples has never worked for me… ever. Personally, I dont like any of the Elektron endorsed 909 samples for any of their machines (and i bought them all :confused:)


…which has side tracked the OP’s question. The AR is good because of its simplicity and immediacy. But honestly OP, get yourself a TR-09 and for jamming and immediacy there is no better drug except the Machinedrum :wink:


your objection has been noted

: D




I blame the compressor…
I really wish I didn’t have to ditch mine (Rytm) as it really was a technobox. The delay and reverb lent themselves well to that churning, engine like pulse of sweaty dance floors, the shadowy hint of a 303 with dusty hats and a living breathing dark overlord in the overthrows of mutation in the grip of evil.

Hoping the DT will have surgical precision to allow me to explore more insectoid micro societies with monolithic slabs of reverb like totems in a murky landscape of non believers all fuelled up with twitching, flinching, drowning memories of a fractured subterranean bunker on an asteroid dissolving in luscious glassy pools of water.

Aaaand back in the room :clap:


I’ll just call that a beautiful poem.


The compressor is the noisiest thing I’ve ever heard… to the point that I think there’s an actual bug in it.


I’ve never owned two of any piece of gear but will strongly consider buying a second when it seems as if the rytm may be discontinued.


It’s making up gain on 8 VCAs. Well, 10 when you add in the stereo distortion.