How happy are you with your Rytm?


This is it, isn’t it?

Ended up selling a bunch of gear (beatstep pro, sp-404, 707, etc…) because I have limited time and would rather use/learn the elektron sequencer (for midi, samples, drums) than mess around with other gear that gives… less.

As far as the Rytm, I love it to pieces with a few misgivings… the analog engines are based on a few too many “classic” sounds, which I love, but are a little… too classic ha ha, the dual vco helps that though.

And I seem to have “volume issues” (probably mostly user error). Seems like I need to add 3-7 on the overdrive to almost everything to get things sitting right and balanced. Maybe that’s not really an issue though?


i hope this is a good thread for this:

having the hardest time deciding on a rytm mk1 or mk2 (or just a A4 mk2) right now - i just sold a bunch of eurorack stuff to push my studio in a more elektron-centric direction.

currently have a digitone, peak, and microwave xt. looking for the best percussion option to use with this setup + ableton 10 for writing.

i make sort of very detailed footwork-y/post-dance music, pretty experimental/sound design-y.

should i get a used mk1? go for a new mk2? A4 instead of either? or if i can really budget stretch mk1 and A4 mk2?



What is your audio interface/mixer situation? If you have some extra mic preamp channels inputs available to you, I would recommend the RYTM Mk2 for the individual BALANCED outputs. Mk1 individual outputs would require a DI box if you wanted to use a mic preamp at a mic level input. Having the option to drive a mic preamp inputs without buying additional gear may or may not be worth the extra cost of the mk1.


It sounds like having the sampling inputs available on the AR mk2 would be a significant benefit to you, in terms of synthesising percussion sounds and writing beats with them immediately. It maybe depends how much preparation you like to do on your samples.


I’m having thoughts around this but in the other direction… I have a non-UW Machinedrum, also had a TR-8 that I upgraded to a TR-8S.

The 8S is so fast and fun. But I often miss the sort of control and synthesis / sound design options the Elektrons provide. So I’m weighing up a Rytm mk2 as a replacement. Animistic Beliefs using one also may or may not be an influence…


I make similar stuff sometimes - the rytm mk2 is great if you like to program your own drums. Being able to layer a synth with a sample on every track is awesome.


Using a Focusrite Saffire Pro and an Allen and Heath ZedFX w midi splitter. A lot of my workflow is writing in Ableton and sending midi out to machines + recording the audio

The RYTM 2 looks good but i’m trying to evaluate how much the 2 gets me over the 1 (specifically how much i’d use the sampling upgrade and care about the pad/screen). Part of me wonders if A4 would make more interesting drums (?) and offer more versatility overall…


I guess the real meat of my question is: precisely what makes the RYTM a better perc box for someone who isn’t super interested in trad 808/909 sounds (although still wants access to them) and values experimentation than the A4


one thing to consider is, that the a4 has only 4 tracks and 4 voices, the rytm has 12 tracks (with 8 voices) and some tracks do choke each other, which may be helpful for some beats… also rytm has master compressor and distortion…

I have both mk1s and while the a4 can do cool drum and perc sounds, i mainly use the rytm for drum (and bass) duties as you already have a dn and a peak, i think a4 isnt needed as much as rytm… so i would choose rytm (if u want to use sampling on the machine, than mk2, but if this is not essential for you rytm mk1 for less money is a good option…) also if you want to stream all rytm channels via ob usb in 24bit, maybe look into mk2

you could send midi from dn to rytm for crazy modulations and stuff via the performance macros, which by itself are another plus for the rytm…


I’d be lying too if i said the bugs and issues with RYTM mk2 didn’t scare the crap out of me/all but rule out a used purchase


I’m a bit back and forth with my AR Mk1 - currently I’d probably trade it for a 2nd OT if a deal would come up. Main thing keeping it here now is the Dual VCO machine.

Quite funny - I’m using the AR for synt duties as much as I use the AK for drums :).


this i like to hear


Oh, there’s really not that much to hear :). I just meant that I simply assign the lower 4 engines to separate midi channels and then track them as mono synths from the OT. At the same time, AK seems to be put on percussion duty more and more instead of using the AR for that. It all ends up in the OT anyway - hence me being more interested in a 2nd one in favour of the AR.

I have the elektrons on individual inputs in a Midas Venice mixer so that helps when it comes to eq synth sounds from the AR, IMO.


The A4 makes really good drum sounds and sequences. That is for sure. I have the soundpool loaded with drum presets, so it’s easy to come up fast with nice patterns.
But the AR, especially the mk2, with the direct sampling is just another kind of beast. It can make totally different things then the A4. And it sounds so good. Wouldn’t want to miss it.


I just sold my rytm mk2
Its an amazing drum computer / synth
But i think i prefer digitakt

When upgrading from digitakt to rytm mk2
I expected a digitakt style sampler inside rytm

For me, the digitakt wins in direct controll
And soundwise also very good


Isn’t the sampling and sample playback on Rytm nearly the same as on Digitakt?


basically yes, but the interface / implementation is a little different as you have start and length parameters on digitakt, as opposed to start and end on rytm… also the parameter resolution is finer for start and length on dt (decimals) so its easier to fine tune start point for example…

i prefer the rytm with its analog filters…


Okay thanks. So, that start and length is similar to the Octatrack. Yes, that’s a little difference, but I never noticed any problem with that. Actually I wonder, how important is this difference anyway? Does it lead to different results? Which one is better then? Length or end?


Now I understand your dilemma a bit. From a sound design perspective, it’s nice to have the extra LFOs. I have the Mk2 of both A4 and AR, so I take for granted that I usually sample the AF directly into the AR to free-up the A4’s voices for melodic duties. You might need both in the form of mk1s.


Alright- I think I’m gonna get the RYTM mk2… Now to figure out which vendor is safest for contingency replacements if I have a dud/defective unit (thinking Sweetwater)