How do you route from DAW to SYNTH?

Hey lovelies,

I read that you can route your DAW into ur synth/Monomachine and use it as an effects machine and then back into your DAW.

This sounds awesome I just can’t wrap my mind around how to do this, I use FL12 and usually just get the sounds I desire through my audio interface as samples ~ Dummy advice greatly appreciated

Still loving my Monomachine and wanting to get more out of it.


  • connect audio outputs from your audio interface to the MM’s audio inputs
  • connect MM audio outputs (main or individual) back to your audio interface inputs

On the MM:

  • assign an FX machine (reverb, chorus, compressor, ring mod, phaser, flanger) to one of the 6 tracks
  • you also have AMP, FILTER, and track EFFECTS (EQ, SRR, and delay) on the same track
  • modulate everything using LFOs and parameter-locks
  • you can route one track into others using NEIBOR routing in the Kit: check the Routing section of the manual

Thank you for the help PeterHanes, I’ve set it up as you’ve suggested but still can’t quite make it budge, I have my:

Monomachine from its main out -> focusrite interface main ins, and that’s fine I have sound coming through and check the line outs with headphones there’s sound and it’s coming into the daw as inputs 1&2

Then from that interface line out to the Monomachine input A & B and ~ set up a thru fx track on Monomachine with max hold and then I check my mono through headphones and get nothing

Forgive my ignorance is there limitation/ something I’m missing? Is my focusrite212 line inputs just for monitors?

Further dummy questions: I couldn’t just plug a mic into the Monomachine and FX vocals, same with guitar could I? I’d be too scared to try it ~ there seems to be something that I’m not getting :blush:

Did you set triggers on the MM THRU track?


You’ll never break anything by plugging a mic or guitar into it. You may have to pump up your track volumes to get a decent sound level, but it works. Some of my weirdest stuff was made with a monomachine and a microphone, or electromagnetic pickup :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, you’ll need to put a trigger on your effects track (and turn the decay/release to max!) in order to hear anything.

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Shut the front door :sob::sob::sob::sob: IM USING MY MIC THRU MY MONO this is AMAZING

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m8 my front door is always closed. Don’t want the mozzies gettin’ in!

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Thanks everyone problem solved, it works with my zoom h4n but not my other interface