How do you backup the OS before an update?!


I would like to update my MKI to the latest OS, but would like to make a backup of where things are, including the old OS. I don’t see any such file when I load the OT on my desktop on my computer. Any help is appreciated


You can, and should, backup everything. Easiest way is just to make a copy of the entire CF card.

The OS is upgraded either via SysEx [ e.g. DPS-1_OS1.30C.syx ] or a binary file, [ e.g. DPS-1_OS1.30C.bin ] which you have on the root of the CF card.

There is no OS / backup file required in normal operation; so would be no point leaving it lying around on the card.

What is your current OS? And why do you want to keep the old OS file?


I believe I’m running just before 1.30B. I guess, I’ve had issues with updates on other devices not working out, so having an older OS is kinda my undo button. How do I look at ALL the info on the card?! I assumed I’d see the necessary files when I linked the OT to my Mac


The CF card is just a CF card; noting special. What you see is what is there.


Elektron will provide older OS’s on request.


Good to know they will supply older OS versions! I’m assuming I need a card reader if I wanna look at the card…?


Yes; or USB Cable

[Project] -> [System] -> [USB Mode]