How do i update rytm 2


I am having trouble updating my rytm 2 i downloaded the transfer and the update unzipped it and then i started my rytm 2 and hold function and update OS

but nothing is happening


how are you sending the firmware to the AR (over USB/MIDI)? did you setup the machine properly? does the update process actually start/happen?


im just connecting to the rytm 2 using the usb and i used transfer and dropped the update file inside transfer then i unplugged USB then started the rytm 2


does the display on the AR show the "READY TO RECEIVE” message?


this could maybe help


Yes it does it says ready to receive and nothing happens

Am I doing it correctly though?

After I used transfer to drop the sysx file inside the rytm 2

Then unplug usb and then restart the rytm and hold function then press 4


is ‘Global Settings->MIDI Port Configuration->Input From’ set to USB?

edit: else check the manual on page 62


i found it thank you so much !!!


Hopefully someone have had more luck than myself.

Tried everything to run Overbridge with my Rytm Mk II, via transfer also C6 sysex dump software and still can’t get OS 1.46 B installed.

Any clues?


would you care to share how?