How do I update Digitone OS on a Mac using Sysex Librarian - Step By Step needed?

I have a Mac and Elektron Transfer can’t see my Digitone. It can see the Digitakt but not the Digitone. My Digitone is wired up to my Mac via USB. How do I update to OS 1.2 using Sysex Librarian. I have the update file but not sure what to do next and how to prepare the Digitone. Same question goes for how do I add Soundpacks to my Digitone. I am on Catalina so C6 won’t run.

I’m not sure where you can go wrong here, but anyway …

Assumes Sysex Librarian is 64bit

Connect DEVICE in USB Midi (not OB) mode then launch SL

  1. Select Device from drop down
  2. Drag and Drop sysex file to window
  3. Go to Device System Menu, select OS Upgrade, then press Play

Backup first (e.g. using record (one/many) feature of Sysex Librarian)
Do so at your own risk, there will be a Catalina version of Transfer in due course no doubt, so you could just wait if you’re unsure


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Do I need to boot up my Digitone in OS Upgrade mode (on switch, hold function button, then select option 4). Also, minor thing, it’s confusing it says ‘Analog Four MKII out 1’. I expect to see an ‘Analog 4 In’ because data is going from the software into the Analog Four.

How long does your take to update by the way?

No - See Step 3

Don’t worry about it - it works, keep in mind it’s able to Tx and Rx

I don’t use Sysex Librarian for this, I use C6 and recently Transfer and an update is started and completed including a reboot if necessary well within 30seconds tops

You’ll see that Sysex Librarian can throttle the playback, don’t be too tempted to increase the pause between played messages setting beyond its default unless the device was choking (unlikely)


It will report speed for connected devices, note that for Elektron with its Turbo enabled by default it is shown as speed 1000% (which corresponds to the 10x proprietary boost)


Thanks. One other thing. The turbo checkbox in my Digitone is uncheckable. I believe turbo midi is only relevant for connecting via the standard midi din ports and not midi through USB as mine is connected. In my Sysex Librarian, under transmit speed, Digitone out 1 is still only 100% and it’s impossble to change this. I guess in your screens you are dong midi din to midi din?

No, I was just using USB midi - the MIDI is set to go to USB and DIN - you don’t negotiate a Turbo handshake when using USB - the turbo mode on device is for DIN>DIN when both devices are Turbo enabled and bidirectionally connected

for OS upgrade purposes I think slower and steady is best anyway !

ok thanks. Just started the transfer. The Digitone shows nothing, it’s just on it’s normal default pattern screen. SysEx Librarian is showing progress. I reckon it will take 15 mins at this rate. Thanks for the info.

that’s not what I explained to do in step 3 - I honestly think you need to use your own initiative to solve this, it’s the only way to move forward, if you lean on help, it won’t stick

if it’s going that slow then there’s way too big a gap between messages, maybe the default gap between messages is way off

it depends what is being transferred of course, an OS file is done in seconds

I am also surprised that the DN doesn’t negotiate to 1000% i.e. turbo speed via USB, but as I don’t own a DN nor use Sysex Librarian for this purpose I can’t help - the slow transfer is down to a large gap setting though

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Finally got there. Thanks for your input. I needed to select ‘OS Upgrade’ from the System Menu in Digitone and the click [Play] in Sysex Librarian. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 because it take about 30 mins via Sysex Librarian to update to 1.2, but now I’m updated to 1.2 Transfer now works with my Digitone meaning any future updates can be done via Transfer in seconds. It also means I can install sample packs now that would have taken hours to do.


Glad that’s sorted !

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