How do I transfer DT swing to OT?

Not using DT via midi; but the Swing simply does not work on DT if i run the outs into the OT.
Is there a workaround?


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I don’t understand what do you expect.
What do you mean by “run the outs” ?

Each sequencer has its own swing setttings.
You can apply swing to midi tracks, which can trigger other gear via midi. AFAIK that’s the only possibility.

i tried that; but since i have my drums sequenced on DT it doesnt work; u cant put swing on incoming audio right

Possibly on OT, with Recorders + Flex, but with very weird clicky results imho!
What is the incoming audio?

Sorry, but I still don’t get what do you want to do. Could you describe what sequence what?

allright; so I’m using the Digitakt for drums, routing the audio to the CD inputs on the OT.

Applying swing to the drumpattern on the DT does not do anything. I would simply like to apply swing to my drumpatterns on the Digitakt.

Ok. What’s the problem to apply it on DT?

when doing so on the DT it simply does not work; like its being quantized by the OT or something.

He’s not hearing any difference when he applies Swing on the DT?

More likely.

OT automatically correcting DT swing? Not a chance. Even if intented, would be very complicated to set up.

Exactly. even on 80% swing i cant hear a difference.
On the DT BPM screen it says midi on the left corner.

Is there a setting im missing?

Are you applying Global or Track Swing?


Isn’t swing applied on even steps only on DT ?

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Do you have Microtiming on your Tracks?

AFAIK, yes. That was my next hint.

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Have you checked the Quantize Menu?

Quantization is off…

To clarify;

  • BPM menu says Midi in the bottom left; I cant seem to switch to global (Func+YES right??).
  • Quanization is off.

It works… LOL Im deleting this thread right now… I hear it only when placing 16 trigs.
my bad guys.

Leave it there for future DT users.