How do I grid record notes/chords from external controller on Digitone?

So I am trying to record chords and notes from my launchpad pro into the DN sequencer but can’t work it out.

I’ve worked out how to do this within the DN using track note method but can’t for the life of me work out how to get the notes from launchpad to record.

Set up is DN on external instrument in ableton Live, midi from Launchpad.

I’ve read that you need to send to ‘auto channel’ on the DN and in the midi configuration this is set to 10 but when I set the channel in live to 10 I get no sound?

And no notes being added to sequencer.

Could somebody explain this step by step how to set this up? It would be really really appreciated.

Can provide pics of midi routing etc. if needed.

Thanks in advance.


Can anybody answer this for me?

Are you in audio track or midi mode?
In Midi Ports config, is Receive notes checked?
Do you receive notes on channels 1-4? (audio tracks default)

Are you in audio track or midi mode?

Audio track

In Midi Ports config, is Receive notes checked?


Do you receive notes on channels 1-4? (audio tracks default)


In the MIDI Ports Config, do you have INPUT FROM > MIDI or MIDI+USB? If it’s on USB, it won’t work.

I’ve got it set to MIDI + USB. 🤷🏻

Can you set a MIDI Channel on your Launchpad?


Do you have it working yourself?

If possible could you give me a step by step of how to set it up?

Still no solution to this…

Is anybody who had this working reading this or anyone from elektron?

It works for me with midi DIN, but I can’t tell about your Ableton configuration, nor Launchpad. Is it a LPPro? If so you could try without Ableton with direct midi connection.

It’s also possible to make a test with midi loopback, if you have a midi cable.

Have you tried to send the notes to the DN tracks MIDI channels instead of the auto-channel?

Set live to output channel 10 (or whatever you have the auto channel set to in DN settings)
Make sure DN is set to receive notes in the midi settings.
Select the track you want to record on the DN by pressing one of the audio tracks.
Play notes!
That works for me!

Did you select USB MIDI in the USB Config menu?

Yep. Tried that.

I get no midi to the DN let alone being able to record the notes in grid mode. 🤷🏻

Yes. That’s plays the notes but won’t record them onto a trig.

This is a Screenshot :

My DN Autochannel is 10. My MIDI Controller is a Launchkey Mini.

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Is the MIDI channel on the Launchkey Mini set on 10 too?

There’s nothing wrong in your Ableton configuration, mine is similar.
Have you tried with another keyboard?

Yes. But I’m not the one with the issue. I’m just posting this picture to help Ronzz.

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Oh sry, I didn’t notice… :sweat_smile:

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